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Kelly Alsedek 

Jasmine Ammons Bucher '97, 

Tim Flynn '05 
Pat Huggins 
Meghan Johnson 
Mary Kent '1 1 
Christine Brandt Little, 

Feature Writer 
Emily Summey 
Anita Williams, Class Notes 

Tom Casta nzo 
Afire Creative Group 

Production Manager 
Kelly Alsedek 

Gary S. Albright 
Michael Crabb 
John Davis 
Bill Dowling 
Tim Flynn '05 
Diane Gegg 
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Todd Snovel '06 
Abigail Wise '12 

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12 Art@LVC 

The Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery and the Department of Art & 
Art History have forged a collaborative partnership that brings 
the arts to the forefront on campus and throughout Central 


2 Valley News & Notes 
20 Class News & Notes 
2u InMemoriam 

On the Cover: Jessica Wickenheiser '1 1, business administration major 
and French minor, paints in an art studio in Lynch Memorial Hall. In 
addition to art classrooms and studios in Lynch and the Fencil Building, 
the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery and Zimmerman Recital Hall host 
numerous cultural events throughout the year — ranging from art shows 
and class lectures to student musical performances and Colloquium 
events. Student art is also displayed on campus, (photo strip, I. to r.): Casey 
Goryeb '1 2 practices for her senior recital; An 1 890 painting by Eloise 
Harriet Stannard, recently donated to the College's permanent collection; 
Crista Detweiler, assistant to the director, speaks to an education class; 
and G. Daniel Massad, LVCs artist-in-residence. 

Inside Cover: Administration Building/Humanities Center 

Editor's Note: One of the three football players in a photo in the most recent 
President's Report, "Yesterday and Today" was incorrectly identified. The 
player identified as Kent Willaver is actually Dr. Gregory Scott 70. The 
team roster from that year has been corrected with the accurate uniform 

SPRING 2012 

Valley News & Notes 

Rudd Named Eugene C. Fish 
Distinguished Chair in Business 

Dr. David V. Rudd, 

professor and chair of business and 
economics, has been named the 
inaugural recipient of the Eugene C. 
Fish Distinguished Chair in Business. 
"In his six and one-half years at the 
College, David Rudd has exhibited 
consistent excellence in teaching, 
strong departmental leadership, and 
admirable commitment to all aspects 
of the life of the College," said LVC 
President Stephen C. MacDonald. 
"David is an outstanding citizen of 

this College, and has played a crucial 
role in the Business and Economics 
Department's successful accreditation 
through the Accreditation Council for 
Business Schools and Programs." 
The Eugene C. Fish Distinguished 
Chair in Business was created through 
gifts to the College by the late Dr. 
Eugene C. Fish and the Independence 
Foundation on his behalf. Fish served 
on LVC's Board of Trustees from 1972 
to 1981 as a member, and later chair, 
of the boards Finance Committee. 

Dr. David V. Rudd 

Cellist John Sant'Ambrogio '54 
Performs with LVC Symphony Orchestra 

John Sant'Ambrogio '54, 
author and acclaimed 
cellist, joined the LVC 
Symphony Orchestra 
for a lecture and reunion 
concert Sunday, Nov. 
13, 2011, in Lutz Hall. 
His lecture, "The Day 
I Almost Destroyed 
the Boston Symphony 
and Other Stories," was 
based on his book of the 
same tide, and featured 
music and stories. 
Later, Sant'Ambrogio 
joined the orchestra onstage for an encore performance of 
Boccherini's "Cello Concerto in B-flat Major." He had played 

i Sant'Ambrogio '54 

the piece as an orchestra member when he was a student more 
than 58 years ago. 

After graduating from the College, Sant'Ambrogio was 
drafted into the U. S. Army, where he joined the 7th Army 
Symphony and performed in well-known concert halls across 
Europe. After the war, Sant'Ambrogio married and enrolled at 
Ohio University where he earned his master's degree in music. 
Unfortunately, after graduation, he found himself jobless. 
One day, as he was painting a barn as a side job, a friend told 
him that the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) was holding 
auditions. Sant'Ambrogio auditioned for a cellist position— 
and was selected. He played with the BSO for nine years and 
later was the principal cellist for the St. Louis Symphony for 
several decades. He has since played with a variety of top 
orchestras and chamber music ensembles, taught music for 
more than five decades, and founded and operated a number 
of music camps and festivals. 

The valley 

Students Aim to C.U.R.E. at Free Physical Therapy Clinic 

.LV V^ has opened a free student-run physical therapy 
clinic for patients referred by the Lebanon Free 
Clinic. The LVC clinic, "Compassionate Undenied 
Rehabilitation Experience," or "C.U.R.E.," celebrated 
its grand opening during Oktoberfest weekend in 201 1. 

According to its mission statement, C.U.R.E. 
"will provide pro-bono physical therapy services to 
the underinsured and uninsured populations in the 
local communities, to promote overall health while 
providing physical therapy students the opportunity 
to develop clinical skills using an experiential learning 
model." At C.U.R.E., LVC s physical therapy doctoral 
candidates provide care under the direction of a licensed 
supervising therapist. 

"C.U.R.E. provides an invaluable hands-on educational 
experience for our physical therapy students and 
continues the College s commitment to engaging and 
serving the community around us," said Dr. Michael 
Green, vice president of academic affairs and dean 
of the faculty. For further information, please visit 

Students in the Colleges doctor of physical therapy program opened a 
free clinic this past fall, including: (front, 1. to r.): Ashley Peters '10, 
D'12 and Dana Thomsen '10, D'12 (back, 1. to r.): Danielle Blase 
'10, D'12, Julie Reimold '10, D'12, Patricia Fanning '10, D'12, 
Melissa Demko '10, D'12, and Andrew Groft '10, D'12 

Distinguished Artists Series Presented 
Mormon Tabernacle Principal Organist 

S Distinguished 
Artists Series presented Richard 
Elliott, principal organist at the 
Mormon Tabernacle, in concert 
Sunday, Feb. 26. The performance was 
sponsored by Capital Blue Cross. In 
addition to the concert, Elliott offered 
two master classes at LVC — one for 
student organists and one for the public. 

At the Mormon Tabernacle 
in Salt Lake City, Utah, Elliott 
participates in a daily recital series 

on the 206-rank iEolian-Skinner 
organ and accompanies the Mormon 
Tabernacle Choir on its weekly radio 
and television broadcast, "Music 
and the Spoken Word." As the 
Tabernacle Choirs accompanist, he 
has performed in many of the worlds 
great halls and appeared on numerous 
television and radio programs. 

For more information about the 
Distinguished Artists Series at LVC, visit 
www. lvc. edu/DistinguishedArtists . 

Richard Elliott 

SPRING 2012 

Valley News & Notes 

La Vie Co-Editors Win Big 
at Keystone Press Awards 

JrOr th.C Second year in a row, La Vie Collegienne staff achieved high honors at the 
Student Keystone Press Awards and was honored at a celebratory luncheon on March 
14. Co-editors Rosemary Bucher '14 and Justin Roth '14 won second place awards for 
their submissions. 

Bucher earned an award for her review of "The King's Speech," which won an Oscar 
for Best Picture in 201 1. Roths photography coverage of the floods on campus and in 
the community in September 201 1 topped the photo story category. 

Bucher, Roth, and the rest of the La Vie team have been working hard to improve 
the newspaper s online presence. The paper recendy launched a new website 
( and YouTube channel ( 
that showcases video blogs and stories. 

An award-winning photograph taken 
by Justin Roth '14 after the September 

(1. to r.): Kim Gailey '15, Sam Calabria '15, and 
Kiley Simonof '15 

College Recognizes 186 Star First-Year Students 

The College has recognized 186 of its first-semester freshmen and transfer 
students for making an impact on campus as new students. The Celebration 
of Student Success reception, held Feb. 7 in the Neidig-Garber Science Center 
atrium, honored the students' achievement. 

The honorees were nominated by faculty and administrators for standing 
out in the classroom, in their work with classmates, as student leaders, in 
on-campus employment, or in extracurricular activities such as athletics, 
performance, and volunteerism. 

Biblical Scholar Discusses "The Lord's Prayer" 

IxCnOWned. biblical scholar John Dominic Crossan 
presented a series of three lectures March 14 and 15 at 
Miller Chapel. Crossan spoke before packed audiences 
about why he believes "The Lord s Prayer" is Christianity's 
greatest, yet strangest, prayer. The lectures were based 
on his book, "The Greatest Prayer: Rediscovering the 
Revolutionary Message of the Lords Prayer." 

During his more than 60-year career, Crossan has written 
25 books on the historical Jesus, earliest Christianity, 
and the historical Paul. He has lectured before audiences 
across the U.S. and throughout the world drawing on his 
experiences as a Roman Catholic priest and professor of 
religious studies at DePaul University in Chicago. 

The valley 

Renovated Mimd Breathes New Life 

The hub of campus, the 
Mund College Center, celebrated 
a re-dedication this spring after 
the completion of an 1 8-month 
renovation. The renewed and 
revitalized building is the center of 
lively engagement and activity for 
students, faculty, staff, and visitors. 

"Mund has become a high energy, 
active environment for a variety of 
student-centered activities," said Greg 
Krikorian, vice president of student 
affairs and dean of students. He noted 
that every new aspect of the building 
has received rave reviews from the stu- 
dent body. "The new living room is a 
place for students and other members 
of the campus community to enjoy 
casual meals and group meetings, and 
to hang out between and after classes. 
The patio area immediately became 
a social hot spot on the first warm, 
sunny day." 

Students agree. "The new renovations 
have brought about amazing changes on 
campus," said Kelsey Robinson '14, 
a student government representative. 
The relocation of the College Store 
from the lower level to the main level 
has added to this energy. "The new 
College Store also produced a lot 
of excitement," added Robinson. "I 
experienced it firsthand on the day of 
the grand opening. There was a line 
wrapping around the building 20 
minutes before the store opened!" 

The Mund College Center renova- 
tion project increased the size of the 
building from 66,000 square feet to 
74,000 square feet, and cost $13.3 
million. The project was supported by 
more than $770,000 in pledges from 
trustees, alumni, the campus family, 
and other generous donors. 

"Overall, the new College Center 
was a great project that benefited all 

President Steve MacDonald at the Mund 

students," Robinson concludes. "The 
student body as a whole is excited 
about the final product, and we hope 
that the College will continue to make 
campus improvements." 

Visit for a recap 
of the entire renovation project, and 
further details about the building s 
new Center for Student Engagement, 
dining center upgrades, and more. 

LVC Hosts Renowned Entrepreneur 
as Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow 

The College hosted Woodrow 
Wilson Visiting Fellow Anil Singh- 
Molares, an internationally renowned 
entrepreneur, from March 26 to 30. 
Singh-Molares conducted classes, 
seminars, workshops, and lectures, 
and met informally with students and 
faculty members to share his practical 
knowledge in the areas of global 
entrepreneurship and philanthropy. 
"Singh-Molares was a perfect fit 
for LVC," said Dr. Michael Green, 
vice president of academic affairs and 
dean of the faculty. "Our students 
had the chance to meet a world-class 
entrepreneur with a deep knowledge 

w i! J u^l L 

(1. to r.): Anil Singh-Molares, Rebecca 
Farson y 12, Bob Mikus y 90 

of globalization, helping to create 
better understanding and new 
connections between the academic 
and nonacademic worlds." 

Singh-Molares rose to prominence 
as an executive at Microsoft, advancing 
between 1991 and 2003 from 
managing a foreign language team 
(40 translators and terminologists) 
to overseeing the software giant s 
internationalization vendor relations 
(more than $200 million in annual 
expenditures) — eventually earning a 
Microsoft Achievement Award for his 
work. Since leaving Microsoft, Singh- 
Molares has founded and serves as 
C.E.O. of EchoMundi LLC, a rapidly 
growing international services firm 
that helps corporations do business 

SPRING 2012 

Valley News & Notes 

Founders Day Awards Honor Maestro 
Stuart Malina and the IVC Ice Hockey Team 

LVC^ S annual Founders Day Convocation celebrates the 
College s founding in 1 866 under the leadership of George 
Washington Miles Rigor and Thomas Rhys Vickroy. In the 
spirit of these founders, Dr. Stephen C. MacDonald, LVC 
president, presented Maestro Stuart Malina, Harrisburg 
Symphony Orchestra music director and conductor, 
with the Founders Day Award Feb. 21. MacDonald also 
presented the LVC ice hockey team with the President s 

Award for Community Service. He noted that the team had 
distinguished itself through its involvement in the Wounded 
Warrior Project, which assists wounded veterans returning 
home from current conflicts. MacDonald also praised the 
teams assistance in helping Annville residents clean up after 
the September 201 1 floods. The team raised more than 
$35,000 for the project — for which Sergeant Major David 
Dowling of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard was 
especially thankful. 

"My experience with working with these men continues 
to prove that there are still young people that understand 
the importance of community service and contributing ones 
time and effort for the benefit of a larger cause," Dowling 
said. "I have had the opportunity to work with these fine 
young men through local Wounded Warriors functions that 
support our injured service members. They have truly done 
an outstanding job. Their hard work has raised thousands 
of dollars to support our nations finest and sometimes 

A complete list of past Founders Day and President's 
Award recipients is available at 

(top, 1. to r.): Maestro Stuart Malina with President Stephen MacDonald; 
(bottom): Malina performed Claude Debussy's prelude, "The Sunken 

(front, 1. to r.): Wes Landsem '13, Matt Turner '13, Tyler Skroski '14, 
President MacDonald, Danny Ramirez '12, and Matt Kisiday '12; 
(middle, 1. to r.): Cody Lloyd '15, Jim Murray '14, and Kevin Garrity '12; 
(back, 1. to r.): Dylan Kapp '15, Brent Davis '13, Cole Bell '13, Danny Willey '15, 
Colin Catherman '15, Brooks Whiting '15, and Head Coach Don Parsons 

The Valley 

Dean Yuhas Retires 

Rosemary Yuhas, who first came to lvc 

more than 38 years ago, retired at the end of the fall 201 1 
semester. In her honor, LVC President Stephen MacDonald 
announced that the New Student Center will be officially 
renamed Yuhas Commons in recognition of Yuhas s decades 
of consummate service, including 35 years in the area of 
student life on campus. 

In addition, MacDonald announced the establishment 
of the Yuhas Endowed Award, which will be presented 
annually to an emerging student leader who exhibits the 
character and values that "the Dean," as she was known, 
fostered throughout her tenure at LVC. Yuhas held several 
key leadership positions during her career and retired as 
dean of student affairs. 

"Dean Yuhas was closely mentored by the late Dr. George 
'Rinso' Marquette '48, and together, they created the 
entire student affairs division at LVC," noted MacDonald. 
"They introduced important programs ranging from student 
activities and support services to strong residential life 
programs and major counseling initiatives." 

"Rosemary had a tremendous impact on literally 
thousands of students and numerous professional 
colleagues," said Greg Krikorian, vice president for student 
affairs and dean of students. "Her legacy will live on for 
decades as the result of her mentoring of several current 
LVC employees, including Jen Liedtka '92, Sue Jones '92, 
and Rick Beard '90, to whom she taught 'the Lebanon 
Valley ethos' that she in turn learned from Dr. Marquette." 

Dean Yuhas was one of the most respected campus leaders 
who was known for her ability to interact effectively with 
everyone from students to alumni. "From my first year 
at LVC, I immediately realized that Rosemary had great 
credibility and was able to broker difficult issues and solve 
problems amicably," said Krikorian. "She gained this respect 
by removing personal biases and making decisions based 
solely on the best interests of the institution." 

Todd Snovel '06 met Dean Yuhas during his first day of 
freshman orientation and immediately knew he had made 
the right choice for his college years. "She was so very warm 
and welcoming and held herself in such a confident and 
composed manner, I immediately knew that if this is the 
type of person in authority, I had made a great decision." 
Many years later, Dean Yuhas was on the search committee 
that hired Snovel as associate director of student activities 
and engagement. 

Yuhas joined LVC in September 1973 as an instructor 
in physical education, coach of women's basketball, and 
director of female intramurals. She came to the Valley after 
teaching health and physical education at Hempfield High 
School in Lancaster County for seven years. 

Yuhas received her B.S. degree from Lock Haven State 
College and her M.S. degree from West Chester State 
College. She pursued additional graduate work in health 
and physical education, as well as in counseling, at San Jose 
State College in California, Millersville University, and The 
Pennsylvania State University. 

In the spring of 1975, Yuhas was promoted to the 
position of assistant professor, and that year she was also 
made responsible for starting the women's lacrosse program, 
the first spring sport for female athletes in the history of 
the College. In 1976, Marquette recruited Yuhas to become 
assistant dean of students. In 1983, she was promoted to 
associate dean of students and in 1992 to dean of student 
services. A later reorganization of the division led to Yuhas 
becoming dean of student affairs. 

Those interested in contributing a financial gift to support 
the Yuhas Endowed Award may visit and 
click on the "Give to LVC" link on the top right corner of 
the homepage. Please contact Jamie Cecil M'07, director 
of development, at 717-867-6228 or with 
questions about contributions. 

SPRING 2012 

LVC Athletics 

Jerome Duncan 12 I Aston. Pa. 

Early Childhood Education I Football Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field 

Duncan, a three-sport athlete who played four years at cornerback for the football team, 
was one of three indoor track & field student-athletes to compete at the NCAAs in 2012, 
LVC's first competitors in the national tournament since 2006. He finished ninth in the 
60-meter hurdles, missing out on All-America status by one place. Duncan, who won 
gold in the event at the MAC Championships and silver at the ECAC Championships, had 
previously run the nation's ninth-fastest time and set a school record in the event. 

Jocelyn Novak 12 

Biology I Field Hockey 

Brodheadsville, Pa. 

Inarguably one of the greatest players in the history of college field hockey, Novak ended 
her career as the all-time leading field hockey scorer in NCAA Division III history. Her 141 
goals and 300 total points led to four All-American selections, making her the College's 
first four-year honoree in any sport. Her scoring prowess was so dominant that she led 
the nation in scoring in her final three seasons. She was a two-time Commonwealth 
Conference Player of the Year, and in 2011, she also became the program's first-ever ECAC 
Mid-Atlantic Offensive Player of the Year and was named most outstanding player of the 
ECAC Mid-AtlanticTournament championship. 

AndySupr0Ckl3 I Mt.Airy.Md. 
Physics I Soccer 

Baseball has its closers and soccer has its finishers; Suprock falls into the latter category 
having scored a team-leading seven game winners in the past two seasons, including 
three golden goals in overtime. One of those OT game winners was particularly special 
having occurred in the presence of his grandmother, who was celebrating her birthday 
that afternoon. His grandmother happens to be Ellen McGill, wife of Dr. Bill McGill, senior 
vice president and dean of the faculty emeritus of LVC, and former acting president of the 
College. In addition to playing soccer next door to the baseball stadium named after his 
grandfather, Suprock has excelled academically as well, having been named to the Middle 
Atlantic Conference Fall Academic Honor Roll in both years he was eligible. 

Cynthia Adams 14 I Elysburg.Pa. 

Health Science I Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field 

Though not even halfway through her collegiate athletic career, Adams's cross country 
highlights already include First-Team All-MAC honors, team MVP recognition, and two 
appearances at the NCAA Regional Championships. Her achievements in track are just as 
impressive: she set the school indoor and outdoor records in the 800-meter run, was the 
only freshman NCAA qualifier in the outdoor 800, and was the only Division III 800 runner 
to be invited to the 2011 USA Junior Nationals at the University of Oregon. Adams ended 
her freshman campaign with All-ECAC honors in the outdoor 400 and 4x400, MAC Outdoor 
Rookie of the Year honors, and four MAC titles combined in indoor and outdoor track. 

The valley 

Artificial Turf Comes to Arnold Field 

The College has begun installing an artificial turf surface at Henry and Gladys Arnold Field in 
preparation for the fall athletic season. The modernized facility will allow multiple varsity sports 
teams to use the stadium for practice and competition, and will allow for some intramural, club, 
and recreational use as well. For more information and to follow the progress of the installation 
this summer, please visit 

-> *.-■ 






■/r- - - 


Six Teams to Call 
Arnold Turf Home 

• Field Hockey 

• Football 

• Men's Lacrosse 
•Women's Lacrosse 

• Men's Track & Field 
•Women's Track & Field 


SPRING 2012 9 

LVC Athletics 

Swimming, Golf, and Women's Soccer 
Get First Inductees into Athletic Hall of Fame 

Lebanon Valley College inducted five new 
members to its Athletic Hall of Fame during 
Oktoberfest Weekend last fall, welcoming 
Christina Henise Crumling '98, Jerry Frey '74 
(posthumously), Lindsey Yeiser Hibshman '01, 
Steve Horst '01, and Howie Spangler Jr. '95 
as the Halls 36th class. The 1961 football team, 
celebrating the 50th anniversary of its MAC 
championship, was the 201 1 Team of Honor. 

Christina Henise Crumling '98 

One of LVC s last 12-letter 
winners, Christina Henise 
Crumling '98 made her mark 
on four sports. Crumling 
distinguished herself as a 
student-athlete in soccer, 
basketball, softball, and 
tennis, leading each program 
to success while being named 
all-conference in two sports 
and a captain in three. She 
remains one of the women's 
soccer program's leading scorers, 
leading the then-new program with 63 points in just two 
seasons of play to earn all-MAC honors. She is the first 
women's soccer player to be inducted into the Athletic Hall 
of Fame. Her 30 career goals still ranks third all-time, and 
she owns the season records for points (43 in 1997) and 
goals (21 in 1997) as well as single-game records for points 
(10) and goals (5). She also was an all-MAC softball player, 
starting all four years and serving as captain while earning 
two team MVP awards. In basketball, she was a four-year 
starter at point guard and two-time captain, earning team 
MVP honors as she led LVC to the program's first-ever 
national ranking. Crumling also played two seasons of 
tennis, helping that team to the MAC playoffs. She was 
named the 1998 LVC Female Athlete of the Year, and was a 
seven-time MAC Academic Honor Roll member. 

Jerry Frey Ik 

The LVC golf program's first 

Athletic Hall of Fame inductee and 

first all-American, the late Jerry 

Frey '74 was a three-time Middle 

Adantic Conference medalist in the 

early 1970s. He twice qualified for 

ECAC Championships and went 

on to earn all-America honors in 

1974. He set the program's all-time 

low round record of 66 — a record that still stands — and led 

the Dutchmen to a 49-16 head-to-head record in his career, 

including an 18-match win streak that spanned 1972 and 1973, 

with another 16 straight wins in 1974. Frey also was a member 

of the football program before being injured as a sophomore; he 

threw seven touchdowns as quarterback in 1971. 

Lindsey Yeiser Hibshman '01 

LVC field hockey's first three- 
time all-American, Lindsey 
Yeiser Hibshman '01 remains 
one of the most decorated 
student-athletes in that 
program's history. Elected 
in her first year of eligibility, 
Hibshman was the first 
Dutchman — and one of only 
two overall — to earn three 
NFHCA All-America awards, 

while also earning three all-region and all-MAC selections. 
The 1999 MAC Player of the Year and 1997 MAC Rookie 
of the Year, she arrived at LVC from ELCO High School 
and became a mainstay as a shut-down defender, leading 
LVC to the 1997 and 2000 MAC championships and a 
1997 NCAA Final Four appearance. She was selected to 
play in the NFHCA Senior All-Star Game in 2000 and was 
a three-time team MVP. Hibshman also was a standout in 
basketball and softball, playing each for three seasons. She 
was named the softball team MVP in 1999, and earned the 
LVC Female Athlete of the Year honor as a senior in 2001. 



Steve Horst '01 

A member of LVC s elite 
1,500-point club, Steve 
Horst '01 was an ail- 
American forward who 
helped lead the men's 
basketball program to a 
successful run in the late 
1990s. With 1,608 career 
points, Horst ranks seventh 
all-time on the LVC list, one 
of just seven men to cross 
the 1,500-point plateau. He 
earned second-team all-America honors as a senior (one of 
just six program all- Americans) and was a two-time first- 
team all-region honoree by the NABC. Horst earned the 
Maston Award as LVC s outstanding male student-athlete. 
The 2000-01 MAC and ECAC Player of the Year was also 
an outstanding student, earning Third-Team Academic All- 
America honors as a senior and twice being named academic 
all-region. He was a Rhoades Scholarship nominee, as well, 
while also serving as team captain. 

Howie Spangler Jr. '95 

The swimming programs first 
Athletic Hall of Fame inductee, 
Howie Spangler Jr. '95 

remains atop LVC s record 

books as a record-breaking 

competitor during the early 

1990s. Sixteen years after 

his graduation, Spangler 

still holds a staggering 10 

individual and three relay 

records, including five of six 

freestyle marks, three of four 

backstroke records, and both 200 IM standards. Spangler s 

swimming resume includes four MAC championships, 

including three in 1995 (in the 100 back and 100 and 

200 free events) that led to his selection as the David B. 

Eavenson Swimmer of the Year, the first in program history. 

He won nine individual medals out of 12 possible events in 

his career, and was a three-time captain and four-time team 


The 1961 Football Team 

The 1961 team posted a 6—1 record to become the MAC Southern champions under head coach Bill McHenry. 
The squad — numbering just 25 members — would feature nine future LVC Hall of Famers, including team captains 
Bob Stull '62 and Brooks Slatcher '62 along with Wes MacMillan '64, Terry Herr '65, Hi Fitzgerald 5 62, John 
Yajko '63, EH is McCracken '63, Glenn Steck '65, and Jerry Bowman '63. Coach McHenry would also be inducted 
into the Hall. The team had to overcome tragedy after John Zola '63 was fatally injured during the season opener 
at Drexel. Following the cancellation of the next weeks game at Thiel so they could attend Zola's funeral, the team 
decided to finish the season, eventually clinching the championship with a 15—14 win over Pennsylvania Military 
College (now Widener) on the final day of the season. 

SPRING 2012 


LVC's Suzanne H.Arnold 
Art Gallery and Art& Art 
History Department 

By Christine Brandt Little 

Bottor 14, an ea 

ted the Newman 

Dr. Mary Lemons Creative Arts class, 

"Hie point of a liberal arts education is to expose people to a broad range of ideas. 
Those ideas are a window into diverse cultures, points of view, and ways of seeing 
the world. They express the human condition, political points of view, and just 
about anything that you can think of as part of the human experience — and they 
do it in thoughtful, creative ways. Learning about art is part of that continuum 
that helps to create a well-rounded, thoughtful, educated person." 

— Dr. David R. Brigham 

President and Chief Executive Officer, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts 

Founding Director, Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery, Lebanon Valley College 

The Valley 

In todays economic climate, 
when funding for the arts and 
arts education is tightening, 
and where arts programs 
are increasingly called on to 
justify their existence, Lebanon 
Valley College remains steadfastly 
committed to the belief that the 
arts are fundamental to a liberal 
arts education. The visual arts at 
Lebanon Valley draw inspiration 
from two wellsprings on campus: the 
well-regarded Suzanne H. Arnold 
Art Gallery and LVC s innovative 
Department of Art & Art History. 
Both are closely intertwined, 
strengthening and building on each other. 

Bringing Museum-Quality Exhibitions to Campus 

Thanks to the generous support of Dr. Suzanne H. Arnold H'96, the Gallery 
bearing her name opened in 1994 in a retired church on the west side of campus. 
Readying the 1868 church building to house the Gallery meant replacing its 
roof, preserving its stained glass windows, and installing the sophisticated climate 
control, lighting, and security features that would enable the Gallery to receive 
artwork loans from major and regional art museums, galleries, and collectors 
(see "The Making of the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery"). Today, the Suzanne 
H. Arnold Art Gallery hosts between five and six exhibitions a year, earning a 
reputation as one of the regions foremost spaces for exhibitions of art from the 
medieval to contemporary periods. 

From the beginning, Gallery organizers set high standards. "Expectations 
are really different in terms of this gallery," said Michael Pittari, chair of the 
Department of Art & Art History and associate professor of art. "Current and 
past Gallery directors have curated exhibitions and orchestrated shows as if they 
were working in a small museum. LVC is relatively isolated geographically, so to 

SPRING 2012 


The Ma king of the 

Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery 

have a museum-quality gallery right 
on campus is a great benefit to our 
students and people in the region." 

Recently, the Gallery received an 
important anonymous donation to its 
permanent collection, a still-life by the 
19th-century British painter Eloise 
Stannard. Dr. Barbara McNulty, 
Gallery director, will include the 
painting in an upcoming exhibition, 
"A Feast for the Eyes," which will 
examine how food is portrayed in art. 
The exhibition will run in conjunction 
with the Colleges 2012-2013 
Colloquium, HAPPINESS. 

The Gallery also recently received 
an impressive collection of prints 
thanks to a generous donation from 
Dr. Howard Applegate, professor 
emeritus of history and American 
studies, and his wife, Shelby '96, an 
artist based in nearby Mt. Gretna. 

Ask Dr. Suzanne H. Arnold H'96 how the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery 
came to be and she'll tell you it all started at an LVC home football game. "I 
was sitting at the game with [then-College president] John Synodinos, and 
he said to me, 'What can we do with that old church?'" she said, referring to 
the former St. Paul's Lutheran Church building on North White Oak Street, 
which the College had acquired in 1971. "I said, 'Well, we could make an art 
gallery out of it' We both kind of thought of it at the same time, so I have 
to give him some credit too," she laughed. "We went over there after the 
game—we lost the game by the way— and the building was a disaster. They 
used it for storage and the windows were broken and the roof was leaking. 
But I said, 'We can do this.' And we did!" 

Indeed, in 1991 Arnold made a significant gift to the College to put a 
new roof on the old church building. Construction of the Art Gallery and 
the adjacent Zimmerman Recital Hall began shortly thereafter. The plans 
preserved the original 1868 church's elegant structure and beautiful stained 
glass windows, but sophisticated climate controls, color-corrected lighting, 
and an industry-standard security system have transformed the inside of 
the building into a museum-caliber facility fit to house a growing permanent 
collection as well as high-quality traveling exhibitions.The dream was 
realized in 1994 under the leadership of Dr. David R. Brigham, founding 
director, Brigham was followed by a series of strong directors— Dr. Leo 
Mazow, Scott Schweigert, Dr. LisaTice, Crista Detweiler, and current 
director Dr. Barbara McNulty— whose creativity and dedication helped 
make Arnold's original vision a reality. 

Since its opening, the Gallery has evolved into a rich and busy place, 
hosting five to six exhibitions each year, along with related lectures, classes, 
and demonstrations. Over the years, Arnold has remained intimately 
involved in the life and growth of the Gallery. The founding chair of the 
College Art Committee, she also led a group of campus and community 
volunteers to create the Friends of the Gallery, a membership group that 
raises funds for the Gallery and enhances awareness of the arts both on 
LVC's campus and across the region. 

"The Gallery brings in high-quality art to serve people in multiple 
disciplines," said Brigham, who now serves as president and chief executive 
officer of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. "It's one of those above- 
and-beyond things that demonstrates the high academic standards of 
the College and the values of the College as an educational institution. I 
hope that people realize what an extraordinary resource the Gallery is and 
how wonderful it is that LVC has made a commitment to support it. It's a 
important resource for the Central Pennsylvania community." 


The valley 

Doing Double Duty 
as a Classroom 

Even as the Gallery's reputation as a 
regional cultural center continues to grow, 
it also still serves as a classroom. Since its 
inception, a crucial part of the Gallery's 
mission has been education, and 
professors in the College's Department 
of Art & Art History bring students to 
the Gallery on a regular basis and 
bring relevant pieces from the permanent 
collection into their classrooms. "I teach 
a freshman-level course called Visual 
Thinking, where I've literally structured 
the course around the Gallery schedule," 
said Pittari. "We explored the Newman 
photography show [see sidebar, p. 17] 
from a philosophical viewpoint, and 
the students had to write an analysis of 


one of the photographs. I've also had 
students do studio projects based on 
work in the Gallery. Its useful to take 
students there and get them thinking 
about how a modern artist can 
reinterpret the work of an artist from 
the past." 

Dr. Grant Taylor, associate professor 
of art history and 2010 winner of 
the Thomas Rhys Vickroy Award for 
outstanding teaching, noted that the 
close relationship between the Gallery 
and department creates a synergy 
that is mutually beneficial. "It helps 
that we all share the same office 
suite," he noted. "That sounds 
insignificant, but it has 
a huge impact because 
we're always talking 
and sharing ideas." As 
a result, Taylor said he 
will often offer a course 
specifically to coincide 
with an upcoming Gallery 
exhibition- "The last time I 
taught modernism, we had 

an exhibition of modernist prints in 
the Gallery," he said. "And the semester 
we had an exhibition of Japanese 
prints, I taught a course in East Asian 
art." He also integrates each course 
syllabus with the Gallery schedule and 
requires students to attend Gallery 
openings and lectures. 

"Just having the opportunity to 
work in such close proximity to the 
Gallery's artworks is helpful," added 
G. Daniel Massad, LVC's artist-in- 
residence. "It's a huge learning event to 
be able to work hands-on with works 
of art. You learn an enormous amount 
literally just picking up a painting and 
understanding the weight of it and 
seeing the surface first-hand, which 
photographic reproduction just can't 
give you." 

For her part, McNulty is committed 
to using the Gallery as a training 
ground for students in the field of 
museum studies and recendy added a 
class in the subject to the curriculum. 
As part of the museum studies 

SPRING 2012 


course, she had her students join a 
conservator in examining a painting 
of Mary Todd Lincoln that hangs 
in the Reinhart Board Committee 
Room of the Carnegie Building. The 
conservator showed them how to 
examine the portrait for evidence of 

McNulty also seeks ways to involve 
students from outside the Department 
of Art & Art History. Professors 
from several academic departments 
have visited the Gallery with their 
classes. "We re trying to build stronger 
communications with the different 
departments and show how the Gallery 
might serve them," she said. "At a 
faculty meeting I heard a professor 
mention that he was teaching about 
exploration at the North Pole. We 
actually have a collection of Inuit 
sculpture [donated by the late Kathryn 
Bork *29] that's never been on display, 
so we unpacked it and the class came 
over and looked at it to learn about 
Inuit culture through their sculpture." 

Providing Hands-On 

Perhaps one of the most exciting 
collaborations between the Gallery 
and the department is the Gallery's 
new internship program, a six-credit, 
semester-long course in which a 

student works 1 8 hours a week at the 
Gallery, participating in all areas of 
its operations, including cataloguing 
the permanent collection in a new 
electronic database. 

The first intern under the new 
program was John Heenan '12, an 
art & art history major and music 

Preserving the 

Permanent Collection 


The Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery recently received a Conservation Assessment 
Program grant from Heritage Preservation, the National Institute for 
Conservation, to assess the physical condition of its permanent collection. 
^ "The grant will pay for a conservation professional to meet with us to 

assess our collection and the facilities in order to develop a long-range 
conservation assessment strategy/' said Dr. Barbara McNulty, director 
\ of the Suzanne H, Arnold Art Gallery. 

"Arnold Newman: 

Luminaries of the Twentieth Century in Art, Politics and Culture" 

The Suzanne hL Arnold Art Gallery recently 
hosted an exhibition of photographs by Arnold 
Newman, who is known for his portraits of 
some of the 20th century's most recognized 
artists, composers, architects, photographers, 
musicians, dancers, writers, academics, and 
public figures. His New York City dinner parties 
included talented personalities who had made 
an indelible mark on the sensibilities of the 20th 
century, such as Man Ray, Marcel Ducharnp, Igor 
Stravinsky, Marilyn Monroe, and Carl Sandburg. 
The exhibition's opening featured a poignant talk 
by Newman's grandson, Daniel, who lives locally, 
as well as musical accompaniment by the LVC Jazz 
Ensemble. In conjunction with the exhibition, the 
Gallery also hosted a lecture, portrait photography 
workshop, and photo portrait contest for high 
school and college students. 

Pablo Picasso 

Georgia O'Keefe 

(left): Pablo Pfcasso, 1954, silver gelatin print, 20 x 16 ins,, 
copyright Arnold Newman/Getty Images; (right): Georgia 
O'Keefe, 1963, color print, 2G x 16 ins,, copyright Arnold 
Newman/Getty Images 

minor. "Right away, I was able to 
become involved in everything 
they do," he said. "I was ordering 
supplies, measuring and hanging 
works, and helping with the general 
installation of the exhibit. I attended 
Advisory Council and Acquisition 
Committee meetings." Heenan, who 
hopes to pursue graduate work in 
museum studies, especially valued the 
opportunity to research and write wall 
text for the exhibition "Modernist 
Prints: 1900-1950," which opened 
last November. "I got to see every 
aspect of how they run the Gallery," he 
said. "It was really helpful to get that 
experience as an intern and to find out 
my strengths and weaknesses." 

Jessica Hinkley '12, an English and 
art & art history major, is the Gallery's 
current intern. In addition to hanging 

exhibitions, cataloguing the collection, 
doing marketing and community 
outreach, and offering gallery tours, 
Hinkley curated the Gallery's summer 
exhibition of its permanent collection, 
which opens July 6. She has chosen a 
series of works that will enable her to 
explore the development of abstract art 
from the pre-modern to contemporary 

Such real-world experience is crucial 
to a student interested in a career in 
art history or museum work. "It's not 
easy getting into graduate school in 
art history," Massad said. "But the 
internship is the sort of experience that 
will often light the fire within a student 
and will help them in their application 
to graduate school or to obtain a 
museum internship." 

A Dynamic Department 

Like the Suzanne H. Arnold Art 
Gallery, LVC's Department of Art & 
Art History is increasingly recognized 
for its quality and innovativeness. 

"It's an impressive department," 
Massad said. "We have small classes so 
you don't get lost in the shuffle. And the 
Gallery itself is an asset. Our majors are 
getting profoundly good experience." 

"We know not only all the students 
by name, but the interests of every 
single student," added Pittari. "We 
work with each student's individual 
goals — from their first year at LVC we 
talk to them about what they want to 
do and what they do well, and we help 
steer them in those directions." 

Pittari noted that the program's 
small size enables it to be inventive 

SPRING 2012 



in its course offerings. "Our program 
is fairly innovative in that we give 
our students a strong foundation, 
but we also introduce courses that 
are less traditional and emphasize 
contemporary aspects of art pedagogy," 

he said. Courses in non-Western art, 
museum studies, visual literacy, and 
portfolio and professional development 
have allowed the department to move 
beyond the typical art education 
landscape. In fact, "The museum 
studies course was created with the 
intention that Barbara would teach it 
so she would have a direct relationship 
with the students," added Taylor. "It 
is unique to have a gallery director 
teach in the curriculum but essential 
to the close connections we foster at 
the College." Conversely, the Gallery 
remains central in every art class. "It 
really has set the standard," said Pittari. 
"If we didn't have the Suzanne H. 
Arnold Art Gallery, it would be more 
difficult to set high academic standards 
and expect a department that excels." 

The Permanent Collection 

at the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery 

The permanent collection at LVC's Suzanne H. Arnold Art 
Gallery contains works dating from the 16th century to the 
present. Highlights include a Renaissance painting afterTitian 
attributed to Paris Bordonne (Italian, 1500-1571), a pair of 
landscapes by Christian Brand (Austrian, 1695-1756), and 
an original painting by illustrator Frank Godwin (American, 
1889-1959). Among its works on paper are pieces by Bernard 
Buffet, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, Honore Daumier, 
William Gropper, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Salvator Rosa, 
and Rembrandt. The Gallery's collection also contains 
examples of Pennsylvania German fraktur, as well as 
Chinese, African, and Inuit art. It is also rich in the work of 
contemporary artists such as Miriam Schapiro, Audrey Flack, 
G. Daniel Massad, and Renee Foulks. Recently, the Gallery 
has built a collection of photography including the work of 
i 19th-century photographers as Felix Bonfils, Antonio 
to, Peter Henry Emerson; and from the early 20th-century, 
work by Arnold Genthe. Its most recent acquisition was a 
work by abstract expressionist photographer Aaron Siskind. 

"Selections from the Permanent Collection" 

This summer the Gallery will display an exhibition of its permanent collection 
curated by Jessica Hinkley '12, current Gallery intern. The exhibition will 
run July 6 through August 12, with the Gallery open Saturdays and Sundays, 
11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 


A Community Resource 

The Gallery clearly also serves as 
a source of community pride and 
regional cultural attraction. A primary 
challenge for McNulty and Crista 
Detweiler, assistant to the director, 
is determining which exhibitions 
will appeal to varied audiences. "We 
like to have exhibitions that are 
academically interesting yet also appeal 

to members of the wider community," 
said Detweiler, who first came to 
LVC in 1 997 before leaving briefly 
to earn her master s in art history 
from the University of Maryland. She 
returned to LVC full-time in 2002. 
"The connections we have with other 
galleries and museums help us find the 
best pieces to borrow to meet these 
multiple objectives." 


The valley 

A Wish List 

for the Permanent Collection 

The Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery's Acquisition Committee always 
seeks to expand the Gallery's permanent collection with works that are 
historically and artistically significant as well as pedagogically useful. 
Asked to share a wish list for the Gallery, LVC's artist-in-residence and 
Acquisition Committee chair G. Daniel Massad doesn't hesitate: 
"We are always interested in any work of art by an artist in the historic 
record that's in excellent condition, and that's at a very affordable 
price or is a gift, and that we can use in our studio courses or art 
history courses," he said. "There was a conscious decision to make the 
Gallery's art collection a teaching collection," added Dr. Grant Taylor, 
associate professor of art history. "Every time we consider buying or 
accepting a work for the permanent collection, we first consider its 
potential educational value." 

Christine Brandt Little is a freelance writer from Gettysburg. 

"Karen Rich Beall 
and Deborah Sigel: 

Botanical Forms" 

Through June 24, 2012 

The Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery's 
spring exhibition features two innovative 
artists who create sculptures related 
to botanical forms. In conjunction with 
the exhibition, featured artists Karen 
Rich Beall, LVC adjunct instructor of art, 
and Deborah Sigel will present an artist 
talk on Saturday, June 9 at 10 a.m. in 
the Gallery. This talk is free and open to 
the public. For more information, visit or call 717-867-6445. 

SPRING 2012 


NOTE: All locations are in Pennsylvania unless otherwise noted. 


Patricia Shatto-Young '92 and her 

husband, Stephen, welcomed an adopted 
son, Noah Alexander, born March 1, 2010. 

Rachael Shattuck Watts '96 and her 

husband, Philip, welcomed adopted sibling 
brothers, Tyre, 8, and Jemerra, 4, into their 
family in August 2010. 

Kimberly Leister Bainum '97 and her 

husband, Justin, welcomed a daughter, 
Neeve Gloria-Christine, into their family 
Jan. 22, 2010. 

Nathan Greenawalt '98 r M'02 and his wife, 
Heather, welcomed a daughter, Rebecca 
Lynn, into their family May 19, 201 1. 

Carrie Stull Skovrinskie '98 and her 

husband, Mike, welcomed a son, Dylan 
Michael, into their family June 8, 2011. 
Carrie is the director of student accounts 
at LVC. 

Michelle Kercher Hawley '99 and her 

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Khayde Patrick, into their family June 27, 
201 1. He joins big brother Jhayce, 3. 

Jessica Bostdorf Ritchie '99, M'06 and 

her husband, Jeff, associate professor of 
digital communications at LVC, welcomed 
a son, Everett Alexander, into their family 
Oct. 4, 2011. 

Beth Light Brennan '01 and her husband, 
John A. Brennan '01, welcomed a son, 
Cameron Louis, into their family Aug. 25, 
201 1. Cameron's middle name is in honor 
of the late Lou Sorrentino '54, Johns golf 
coach at LVC. John is a teacher and coach 
at Spring-Ford Area High School. Beth is 
a legislative associate with S.R. Wojdak & 
Associates LP in Philadelphia. 

Evan Michael Rovers 

Amy Stack Rovers '01 and her husband, 
Jon, welcomed a son, Evan Michael, into 
their family Sept. 27, 201 1. 

Raissa Kalishevich Berger '02 and her 

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Abby Smith Mazzoni '02 and her husband, 
Al, welcomed a son, Brayden Andrew, into 
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Lauren Baptista Smith '02 and her 
husband, Michael J. Smith '02 r welcomed 
a daughter, Mia Evelyn, into their family 
April 2, 201 1. Mia joins older sister Ella, 3. 

Jennifer Newcomer Stahlnecker '02 and 

her husband, Brent, welcomed a daughter, 
Julia Lynn, into their family June 15, 
201 1 . Julia joins big sister Megan. 

Rachel Shafer Brimmer '03 and her 
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welcomed a son, David Michael, into their 

Stephanie Katra Meyers '03 and her 

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Dana Jurasits Miller '03 and her husband, 
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Jordan Jack Mollohan '03 and her 

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Brayden, into their family Oct. 10, 201 1. 

Kristine Daiber Warner '03 and her 
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a daughter, Carolyn June, into their family 
Dec. 13,2011. 

Lori Evaristo Widney '03 and her 
husband, Jason B. Widney '02, welcomed 
a son, Avery Bernard, into their family 
July 26, 2010. Lori is a school counselor 
at Middlesex Elementary in Baltimore 
County. Jason is a professor of voice, 
teaching voice lessons and vocal pedagogy 
at Washington & Lee University in 
Lexington, Va. 

Tonya Connors Wood '03 and her 
husband, Kevin T. Wood '03 f welcomed 
a son, Samuel Robert, into their family 
June 23, 201 1. Kevin received his masters 
degree in public administration from Penn 
State University in 2009. He is a UH-60 
Blackhawk pilot assigned to the 1st 
Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment at Fort 
Wainwright, Alaska. 

Cassandra Hoadley Hutton '04 and her 

husband, Doug, welcomed a daughter, 
Addison Marie, into their family Jan. 8, 201 1. 



i 1 

Mto ■ **■ /■■■ 



The valley 

Erin Campbell Herring '05 and her 

husband, Jeremy, welcomed a daughter, 
Cadence Reilly, into their family June 10, 

Sean Weir '05 and his wife, Marie, 
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into their family July 21,2011. 

Alyssa Rizzardi Houseal '06 and her 
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daughter, Nataleigh Rose, into their family 
Sept. 8, 2011. 

Heidi Ellsworth Metzger '06 and her 
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welcomed a daughter, Julia Lauren, into 
their family Sept. 2, 201 1. 

Christine Pastula Yeagley '08 and her 
husband, Travis Robert Yeagley '08, 

welcomed a son, Siddhartha Dang, into 
their family Aug. 1 , 20 1 1 . 

Ella Mae Wickenheiser with brother Colton 

Sarah Zeiger Wickenheiser A'07, '10, 

fitness center coordinator at LVC, and her 
husband, Steve, welcomed a daughter, Ella 
Mae, into their family Sept. 7, 201 1. Ella 
joins big brother Colton, 3. 


Melanie L Good '99 and Joseph W. 
Meyers exchanged wedding vows March 5, 
201 1, in Pittsburgh. They welcomed a son, 
Rigel Kenneth, into their family on Sept. 
20, 201 1. Rigel joins big sisters Sarah, 9, 
and Ashley, 7. 

Lois E. Fegan '02 and Aaron Widmeyer 
exchanged wedding vows Nov. 1 9, 20 1 1 , in 
Lewes, Del. Dr. Meredith A. McGinley '02 

(1. to r.): Erin Frey, Bailey Claeys '07, Shaylene Scheib '07, Jessica Hastings, Kate Comejo '07, 
Ricardo Cornejo, Ryan Bender, Kim Pearce, and John Waiters 

Paige Elizabeth Callan '07 and Jason 
Richard Wickum exchanged wedding vows 
July 9, 201 1, in Lake Tahoe, Calif. AuBrei 
Weigand '07 served as maid of honor and 
Dr. Erika Wickard '07, D'09 was a bridesmaid. 
Dr. Nicole Caruso '08 r D'10 was in attendance. 
Paige is a graduate student at the University 
of Nevada, Reno, pursuing a Ph.D. in 

Kate Elizabeth Fry '07 and Rick Cornejo 
exchanged wedding vows Sept. 18, 
201 1 , at the Cherry Valley Winery in 
Saylorsburg. Bridesmaids included Bailey 
Claeys '07 and Shaylene Scheib '07. 
Andrew Moser '05, William Verdon '07 r 
Rebecca Rentzel Verdon '07, and Emily S. 
Ross '08 were in attendance. 

Brendan J. Fullam '07 and Erica Taddeo 
exchanged wedding vows Oct. 8, 201 1, in 
LVC's Miller Chapel. 

Dr. Jamie L Kovacs '07, D'09 and Daniel 
Kelly '07 exchanged wedding vows Oct. 8, 
201 1, in Nazareth. Russell DeStefano '08, 
Daniel Stauffer '08, and Alyssa Rizzardi 
Houseal '06 were in the wedding party. 
Jamie is a physical therapist at Good 
Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital in 
Allentown, and Dan is a system operator 
at PPL. 

Jeffrey A. Campbell '08 and Paula 
Frechette exchanged wedding vows 
July 9, 201 1, in Harrisburg. Allison 
Wiegand Kudrak '11 served as maid of 
honor, Michael Kudrak '11 served as 
best man, and Matthew Wilson '07 was 
a groomsman. Adam Kuhn '09, Kendall 
Barbera '09, Bethany Radkiewicz '09, 
Christina Gumble '09, and Robert 
Woerner '07 were in attendance. 

(1. to r.): AuBrei Weigand '07, Paige Elizabeth 
Callan '07, and Jason Richard Wickum 

served as matron of honor. Natasha 
Nicholson '03 and Stacey Stinson Fessler '01 
served as bridesmaids. Melvin Hellem Jr. '95, 
Jodi Greenfield Yorty '99, Matthew 
Grzywacz '99, Natalie Stitzer Stanton 
'01, Curt Stanton 01, Jerry Reilly 01, 
Parrish Fessler '01, Josh Lindeman '01, 
Jason Hocker '01, Katie Geho Hocker '01, 
Andrew Rimby '01, Brandy Klunk Putman 
'02, Christy Gallihugh Mackey '02, 
Timothy Belloff '02, and Amy Seagreaves 
Be 1 1 off '04 were in attendance. 

Adrienne Crook '04 and Russell Laigaie Jr. 
exchanged wedding vows Aug. 21, 2009, 
in Glassboro, N.J. They welcomed a son, 
Russell William III, into their family Jan. 
12, 201 1. Adrienne is the choir director at 
Glenwood Avenue Elementary School and 
the Wildwood Middle School and High 
School, in Wildwood, N.J. 

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Adams '07 and Brian 
Blase exchanged wedding vows Nov. 19, 
201 1, in Annville. She is a kindergarten 
teacher in the Deny Township School 

SPRING 2012 


Class News & Notes 

(L to r.): Sylvia Grove, Christopher Smithy Allison Kudrak '11, Michael Kudrak '09, Paula Campbell, 
Jeffrey Campbell '08, Matthew Wilson '07, Jessica Kohn,Adam Kuhn '09, and Rebecca Campbell. 

(front, 1. to r.): Timothy Garrett Jr. '08 and Dr. Marc Harris, associate professor of chemistry; 
(second row, 1. to r.): Nicole Ling '08, Dr.Jillian Kline '08, D'10, Allison Abayasekara '07, 
Dr. Janet Arey '08, D'10, Jacqueline Hane '08, Kenneth Houser '08, Lauren Romano '08, D'10, 
Jennifer Buehler '09, Stephanie McKay '11, and Amy Miller '09; (third row, 1. to r.): Rebecca 
Lengle '08, Sarah Rish '10, Monica Mancini '08, Mallory Hane '08, Kimberly Danfelt '09, and 
Kelly Danfelt '10; (fourth row, 1. to r.): EricHinkle '11, Laura Guenther '08, Gregory Guenther 
'08, Ryan Zvorsky '09, Shaun Kr eider '08, and Robert Orth '08; (fifth row, 1. to r.): Benjamin 
Lengle '08, Michael Mekailek '07, Stephen Sanchez '08, and Matthew Schaeffer '09 

(front, 1. to r.): Caitlyn Biggs '09, Jennifer Payne Decker '09, D wight Decker Jr. '09, Erica Young '07, 
and Chelsie Miller Spotts '09; (second row, 1. to r.): Kierstin Levan '11, Dr. Ellen Pitman '09, D'll, 
Dana Lochman Geiser '08, Jacqueline Hane '08, Jamie Latshaw '11, Becky Schaffer '09, and 
Andrew Spotts '07; (third row, 1. to r.): Sue Fisher Fries '81, Rob Bell '08, Greg Geiser '06, 
Christy Gumble '09, Megan Siegel'09, and Matthew Schaeffer '09; (fourth row, 1. to r.): EricDeatrick 
'10,J.T.Pursel'08, Charlie Hopta '08, Jared Schneiderman '09, Bob Woerner'07,andjocelyn Joe" 
Heckman '09; (back row, 1. to r.): Katie Cunningham '11 and Chase Van Duzer '09 

Dr. Lauren Elizabeth Romano '08, D'10 
and Kenneth Roy Houser '08 exchanged 
wedding vows Sept. 3, 201 1, in Lancaster. 
Jennifer Buehler '09 served as maid of 
honor. Dr. Jillian Kline '08 r D'10 and 
Nicole Ling '08 served as bridesmaids. 
Timothy Garrett Jr. '08 served as best man 
and Robert Orth 08 and Shaun Kreider 08 
served as groomsmen. Ryan Zvorsky '09 
served as an usher. Michael Mekailek '07 
performed as a soloist. Dr. Janet Arey '08, 
D'10, Allison Abayasekara '07, Jacqueline 
Hane '08, Stephanie McKay '11, Amy 
Miller '09, Rebecca Lengle '08, Sarah 
Rish '10, Monica Mancini '08, Mallory 
Hane '08, Kimberly Danfelt '09, Kelly 
Danfelt '10, Eric Hinkle '11, Laura 
Evelhoch Guenther '08, Gregory Guenther 
'08, Benjamin Lengle '08, Stephen 
Sanchez '08, Matthew Schaeffer '09, and 
Dr. Marc Harris, LVC associate professor 
of chemistry, were in attendance. 

Jennifer Ann Payne '09 and Dwight A. 
Decker Jr. '09 exchanged wedding vows 
June 18, 201 1, in LVCs Miller Chapel. Dr. 
Ellen Pitman '09, D'11 served as maid of 
honor. Chelsie Miller Spotts '09, Caitlyn 
M. Biggs '09, and Megan L Siegel '09 
served as bridesmaids. Matthew Schaeffer '09 
served as a groomsman. Eric Deatrick '10 
performed a song during the ceremony. 
Kierstin Levan '11, Dana Lochman Geiser '08, 
Jacqueline Hane '08, Jamie Latshaw '11, 
Becky Schaffer '09, Andrew Spotts '07, 
Sue Fisher Fries '81, Rob Bell '08, Greg 
Geiser '06, Christy Gumble 09, J.T. 
Pursel '08, Katie Cunningham '11, Erica 
Young '07, Charlie Hopta '08, Jared 
Schneiderman '09, Bob Woerner '07, 
Chase Van Duzer '09, Jocelyn "Joe" 
Heckman '09, Ashley Decker '12, and 
Adam Abruzzo '12 were also in attendance. 

Dr. Lauren Elizabeth Horst '09, D'11 and 
Matthew Ryan Becker '10 exchanged 
wedding vows Aug. 13, 201 1, in Lebanon. 
Spiros Anastasiadis '10 served as emcee. 
Also in attendance were Mildred Rittle 
Keiser '41, great-aunt of the bride, Debra 
Elizabeth Kauffman '83, mother of the 
bride, Dr. Charissa Nordall '09, D'11, Dr. 
Ellen Pittman '09, D'11, Anthony Longo 
'10, Krysta Esh Feiser '09, Jerilyn Oehme 
'08, Allison Birli '11, Jamie Hawk '12, 
and Hanna Free '13. Lauren is a physical 
therapist at Olds Physical Therapy and 
Sports Rehabilitation in Olds, Alberta, 


The valley 

Canada. Matthew owns and operates a 
custom home-building company in Olds 
and works in the oil and gas industry as a 
materials manager. 

Amber N. Keeseman '11 and Curt Cenci '11 

exchanged wedding vows Oct. 8, 201 1, in 

Michelle Little '11 and Eric Daniel 
Ruppert '10 exchanged wedding vows July 
23, 201 1, in Mt. Wolf. Ashten O'Brien '11, 
Emily Perkins '11, Joelle Snyder '11, and 
A.J. Myers '10 were members of the bridal 
party. Many other LVC alumni were in 

Christine M. Whiteley '11 and Matthew 
Dean Thiesse '11 exchanged wedding 
vows May 20, 20 1 1 , in St. Johns, Antigua. 
Laura Heineman '09 served as maid of honor. 

Friends of the College 

Emily Whitmoyer and Troy Summey III 
exchanged wedding vows Aug. 6, 201 1 . 
Emily is the director of media relations and 
campus communications at LVC. 

Class Notes 

Dr. Doris Smith 

W\ ■ I Watson '43 was a 

pioneer in the field 
of church handbell 

ringing. She rang for The Gary Moore 

Show in December 1952. 

Elizabeth Reiff Marino '46 enjoyed her 
19-year-old grandsons summer-long visit 
with her in California last year. She states 
she's now beginning to feel old at 87! 

Edith Kreiser Probus '46 and 18 family 
members enjoyed a cruise along the coast 
of Alaska during the summer of 201 1. 

Pearl Miller Siegel '47 is proud to announce 
that her third grandchild, Rachel L Siegel '11, 

graduated from LVC in May with a degree in 

Nancy Bowman 
Hanshaw '50 retired in 
2009 after 14 years as 
the bus driver lounge 
supervisor at Hersheypark. In 2008, she 
received an outstanding employee award in 
recognition of her dedication to "her" bus 
drivers and to the park. 

In February, Dr. Jerald G. Bachman '58 

officially retired during his 50th year as 
a research professor at the University of 
Michigan's Institute for Social Research. In 
1964, he launched a program of research 
on youth and social issues. Nearly five 
decades later, the program has surveyed 
more than one million high school 
students and young adults. He expects to 
continue on a part-time basis. He has been 
listed in "Most Cited Authors in the Social 
Sciences" for his numerous books, articles, 
and reports. 

Joyce Noferi Asay '60 

recently retired from 
Bell Laboratories, 
Lucent Technology, as 
a systems engineer. 

In November 201 1, Nancy Nickell Ragno '60 

published a book, titled "Word Savvy: Use 
the Right Word Every Time, All the Time" 
(F+W Media). 

Shirley Brown Michel '63 is chapel 
organist and teaches group piano lessons to 
residents at the Peter Becker Community 
in Harleysville. She sings with a local 
choral group, the North Penn Singers, 
which performs for retirement homes, 
churches, and at Phillies games. She sang 
with American Salute, which ministers to 
military families in Germany and France, 
performing five major concerts, as well as 
at a July Fourth special at the Normandy 
Beach Cemetery. 

In November 201 1, Charles H. Martin '64 

was re-elected for a fifth term as Bucks 
County Commissioner. 

H. William Alsted '65 closed his business, 
Atlantic Process Systems LLC, on Dec. 31, 
201 1, and plans to retire, finally. . .at least 
for now! 

Dr. Ed Nickoloff '65, professor of radiology 
at Columbia University and chief hospital 
physicist at the Columbia University 
Medical Center, recently authored 
"Applications of Statistics to Medicine 
and Medical Physics" (Medical Physics 
Publishing, March 2011). 

Richard W. Wentzel '67 continues as 
full-time pastoral associate at Assumption 
of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in 
Lebanon. He also is the chair of the 
Lebanon County Eagle Scout Society and 
the Deacon Council of the Diocese of 

Michael Curley '68 began a new vocation 
after retiring from a long, distinguished 
career in the U.S. military (Air Force and 
Navy), as well as in the private industry 
and the non-profit world. He is now the 
town clerk of Ledyard, Conn., where he 
has lived since 1992 (see p. 24). 

Eric J. Uberseder '71 

retired June 10,2011, 
after providing school- 
based mental health 
services at The Devereux Foundation and 
in the Solanco School District for 40 years. 
He and his wife, Linda Hough Uberseder 73, 
moved to Bar Harbor, Maine. They welcome 
classmates who might want to visit Acadia 
National Park. 

Dr. John "Buzz" Jones '72, professor of 
music at Gettysburg College, directed the 
college Jazz Ensemble on an eight-concert, 
13-day tour of France and Switzerland. 
The group performed at the Montreux, 
Vienne, and Jazz a Juan festivals. His 
commissioned oratorio, "For the People," 
is based on texts by Abraham Lincoln and 
features a brass band, three vocal soloists, 
and a dance company. Premiering in 
2009, repeat performances are scheduled 
in Frederick, Md., in 2012 and in 
Gettysburg for the 2013 sesquicentennial 
commemoration of the Battle of 

Cheryl Kirk Noll '72 is the advisor 
and instructor for the Children's Book 
Illustration Certificate Program at the 
Rhode Island School of Design. 

SPRING 2012 


Class News & Notes 

Bill Phifer 74 is a fellow at Hewlett- 
Packard in Wayne. He and his wife, 
Susan "Sue" Boohar Phifer 75, recently 
discovered that the couple building a 
house next door to their vacation home in 
Murrells Inlet, S.C., is Sandy Anderson 
Pembleton 75 and Bob Pembleton 74. 
Small world! 

Carol A. Scott 74 is a merchandiser 
at xpedx, a division of International 
Paper. She also performs on the bassoon 
throughout Central Pennsylvania. In 
2010, she was the featured soloist for the 

Harrisburg Singers' Christmas concert 
and performed Danzi's "Concerto for 
Bassoon and Clarinet" with the Central 
Pennsylvania Symphony. 

Quintin Allan Lerch 75 celebrated his 
fifth year as director of music at First 
Presbyterian Church of Woodbury 
Heights, N.J., in August 201 1. As such, he 
conducts an adult choir of 20 and a youth 
choir of 15. With his wife's assistance, they 
present an annual Christmas pageant on 
the second Sunday of December. 

Joreen Howell Kelly 76 has been the 
music director at Saint Catherine Laboure 
School in Harrisburg since 1976. She was 
recently named director of media and 
technology after a 35-year teaching career. 
She and her husband are also working 
musicians in a band and as a duet. 

Elyse Rogers, Esq., 76 f partner with 
Saidis, Sullivan & Rogers, was recently 
selected by her peers for inclusion in "The 
Best Lawyers in America® 2012." She was 
named a best lawyer in the practice areas 
of trust and estate administration and 

Second Act 


Second careers 
for LVC graduates 
have become 
more common 
as personal 
change and/or the 
global economy 
evolves. Such 
second acts are 
sometimes the result of personal choice; sometimes they are 
the byproduct of financial necessity. 

Long Island native Dr. Michael Curley '68 is one of the lucky 
ones whose circumstances fall under the personal choice 
category. He enjoyed a long, distinguished career in the U.S. 
military (Air Force and Navy), as well as in the private industry 
and the non-profit world, conducting psychological research 
about how people cope with environmental stress — resisting 
torture and/or inhumane treatment, survival training, and 
instilling confidence while helping individuals recognize their 
breaking points. Recently, however, Curley was offered the 
chance to shift gears and serve as the town clerk of Ledyard, 
Conn., where he has lived since 1992. 

If you are not aware of what a town clerk does, neither 
was Curley when he was offered the post. So he talked 
with other town clerks in Connecticut and attended a training 
session for them held near Hartford, the state capitol. He 
decided that his skills as a problem solver, organizer, and 
leader would allow him to meet the diverse demands placed 
on a town clerk while bringing a fresh perspective to the 
position and town government. 

"The town clerk's office is the focal point of any town... 
you are expected to know the answers to everything," 
Curley said. "You need to be able to help your fellow citizens 
by telling them who they need to see about what issue — 
whether the tax collector, justice of the peace, or dog license. 
I have been on the job since early January and every day 
since then I have fielded half a dozen or so questions to which 
I don't know the answer. So I find them out. My education 
continues daily." 

Curley, who holds a master's degree in theoretical 
psychology from Appalachian State University (N.C.) and a 
doctorate in experimental psychology from the University 
of South Florida, has a simple goal for his office. "I want 
to make the town clerk's office in Ledyard the best one in 

Such lofty goals obviously bring challenges. But Curley 
has already concluded that great rewards come with the 
challenges of his new post: "This is an opportunity to serve 
where my skills can be utilized. Over the years, I've come to 
appreciate that your quality of life, not money, is the most 
important part of your professional career. One of the nice 
things about a small town like Ledyard is that it is democracy 
in daily action. The traditional New England town meeting 
remains a cornerstone of our local government. All public 
officials must be approachable and accessible to citizens at all 

Curley s daughter, Beth Curley Myers, graduated from 
LVC in 1999. Marty Parkes, LVCs executive director of 
marketing and communications, grew up in Ledyard and 
graduated from Ledyard High School in 1977. 


The valley 

estate litigation. Her practice also includes 
business planning and taxation. She is a 
member of LVC s Board of Trustees. 

Joanne Hartline Conrad 77 received 
her certificate in medical assisting from 
Montgomery County Community College 
in 2010. She was a dean's list student, a 
member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor 
Society, and recipient of a clinical award. 
She is a registered medical assistant at 
Premier Immediate Medical Care in 

Ron Afflebach '78 is the director of 
employee and labor relations at Children's 
National Medical Center in Washington, 

Carolyn Steffy Rozman '78 is the lead 
teacher at Deny Discovery Days Preschool 
in the Derry Presbyterian Church in 

Dr. Elaine KatzMeils'80 f 

principal of Tarpon 
Elementary in Florida, 
was recently named the elementary 
administrator of the year for the state of 
Florida by the Florida Music Educators 

Dr. Shelbie Stone Simmons '80 received 
her doctorate in musical arts from the 
University of Oklahoma in 2006. Prior 
to that, she received a degree in organ 
performance from the University of 
North Texas and a master's degree in 
choral conducting from the University of 

George Meyers '81 recently completed 
work on two films, "The Extra" and a 
zombie horror film, "Destiny of the Dead." 
He also has been working for Marvel 
Comics for the past two years, producing 
a superhero stunt show, which so far has 
toured through Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, and 
Dubai. He plans to start shooting his next 
project, a Western feature film, in mid- to 
late 2012. 

Jeffrey E. Boland '86 is a partner in charge 
of the newly created Senior Living Services 
Consulting Group of Reinsel Kuntz 
Lesher s Lancaster office. 

George Meyers '81 

Kristi Cheney Paulson '87 is a hospice 
social worker at Moorestown Visiting 
Nurses in New Jersey, where she utilizes 
her LVC music degree by playing the flute 
and singing for patients and their families 
in end-of-life situations. Her husband, 
Paul Paulson Jr. '90 f is director of music 
at St. Andrew's United Methodist Church 
in Cherry Hill, N.J., and principal owner 
of ProMedia LLC, an audio/visual systems 
integration company. They have two 
children, Amelia, 12, and Elliot, 10. Kristi 
states that she and Paul cherish their years 
at LVC and adore the friends they made. 

Dr. Laura E. Pence '87, professor of 
chemistry at the University of Hartford, 
joined 212 other scholars nationwide 
in being elected to the 201 1 class of 
American Chemical Society (ACS) 
Fellows. The ACS Fellows Program, which 
began in 2009, recognizes and honors 
ACS members who have made significant 
contributions to the science and provided 
excellent service to the society. 

Andrea Tindley '87 recommends that 
anyone returning to the Valley visit her at 
Niko's in Lebanon, where she enjoys her 
second career tending bar. 

Dr. Nanette "Nan" Hanshaw '88 became 
board certified through the American 
College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine 
in June 201 1. She has been employed 
by the Pennsylvania Department of 
Agricultures Bureau of Animal Health and 
Diagnostic Services since 2000. 

Chad Saylor '89 is the communication 
director for Jim Cawley, Pennsylvania's 
32nd lieutenant governor. 

McGranaghan '90 f 

the film critic for, recently 
published his first book, w Straight-Up 
Blatant: Musings From The Aisle Seat" 
(, Oct. 8, 2011). 

Harry "Buddy" Sinclair Oliver '90 and 
his wife, Kathy Supplee Oliver '90 f have 
partnered with family to form FiberPlex 
Technologies LLC. They manufacture and 
sell fiber-optic equipment to the federal, 
military, and intelligence communities, as 
well as the pro audio market, including 
live touring sound, installed sound, and 

Steven D. Young '91 is an academic advisor 
with the Department of Undergraduate 
Psychology at the University of Maryland, 
College Park. 

John Perozich '92 is chair of the biology 
department at Franciscan University in 
Steubenville, Ohio. 

Danielle Fetters Yoder '92 is the Title I 
and assessment coordinator in the Penns 
Valley School District in Spring Mills. 

Kristina Laakko Stroh '93 is the executive 
director and co-founder of All The 
Difference, a nonprofit organization that 
provides occupational, speech, and floor- 
time therapies in a child-led, play-based 
approach to help children interact and 
have fun while developing learning and 
motor skills. 

Brian C. Davis '95 received his master's 
degree in regulatory affairs for drugs, 
biologies, and medical devices from 
Northeastern University in 201 1. In recent 
years he has also earned American Society 
for Quality certifications as a quality 
auditor and quality engineer. 

Tim Terrell '95 received his master's degree 
in adult education and training from the 
University of Phoenix in 201 1. He is a 
manager at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in 

SPRING 2012 


Class News & Notes 

Dana Centofanti Triantafillos '95 teaches 
seventh grade math and science at Lake 
Riviera Middle School in Brick, N. J., and 
is the head field hockey coach at Brick 
Township High School. 

Dan Kenneth Tucci '95 is the assistant 
principal at Meadow Hall Elementary 
School in Rockville, Md. 

Walter "Wally" Raymond Popejoy '96, 
M'01 is the assistant principal of the 
Millmont campus in the Reading School 
District. He and his wife, Audra Palopoli 
Popejoy '98 f M'04 f are the proud parents 
of Hannah, 9, Gavin, 7, and Owen, 3. 

David Bohr '97 recently traveled to 
Brazil and the Dominican Republic with 
Compassion International, a Christian 
child sponsorship organization. He is 
currently participating in the Save58 
Campaign to find 58 sponsors for 
children, 58 mosquito nets, and 58 water 
filters by the end of 2012. 

Dr. Anthony P. Burke '97 was named a 
fellow of both the American College of 
Cardiology and the American Society of 
Nuclear Cardiology in 201 1. He also was 
named director of cardiology at Doctors 
Hospital in Augusta, Ga. 

Ann Weicksel Lehman '97 is the director 
of annual giving at Penn State University's 
main campus. 

Corrina Doerge Smith '97 is the band 
director at Jabish Brook Middle School in 
Belchertown, Mass. She and her husband, 
Tom, have two children, Caleb, 7, and 
Evelyn, 5. 

David William Wright '97 is the principal 
of Linglestown Middle School in the 
Central Dauphin School District. 

David Schott '98 and his wife, Becky, each 
won an Emmy Award presented by the 
National Academy of Television Arts and 
Sciences Dec. 3, 201 1, for a feature story 
on Eagles Nest Cave that aired on CBS 
last July. 

Cindi Ensminger Goshorn '99 has been 
promoted to the position of account services 
specialist with the account management team 
at the global corporate office of Workplace 
Options, Inc., in Raleigh, N.C. 

Laura Graybeal Kelly '99 is the benefits 
analyst for Crozer-Keystone Health System 
in Ridley Park. 

Cory W. Thornton '99 is the managing 
editor at Open Minds, a market research 
and management consulting firm specializing 
in the health and human service field. 


Dr. Jamie Wesloskie 
Bolton '00 received a 
doctorate in clinical 
psychology from 

the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic 

Medicine in 2011. 

Amanda Snoke Dubbs, Esq., '00 is owner 
and attorney at the Law Offices of Amanda 
Snoke Dubbs. 

Christine E. Bennethum 

'02 is the senior prospect 
researcher for the 
Greater Baltimore 
Medical Center Foundation. 

Melissa Yoder Wissler '02 is a vice 
president and relationship manager with 
Graystone Wealth Management in the 
Capitol and Lancaster regions. 

Brian Zellers '02, M'08 teaches biology 
and is the head baseball coach at Central 
Dauphin High School in Harrisburg. His 
wife, Trisha Fatula Zellers '02, is a stay-at- 
home mother, raising their two children. 

Amy N. McLaughlin '03 

is a school counselor 
at Northside and Pine 
Street elementary 
schools in the Palmyra Area School District. 

Lori Counterman Pitcock '03 graduated with 
two masters degrees in 201 1: elementary 
education curriculum and instruction from 
Towson University, and educational 
leadership with an administration certification 
from the American College of Education. She 
teaches fourth grade in the Harford County 
Public School system in Maryland. 

Amber N. Spell Miller 04 

is an emotional support 
teacher in the Palmyra 
Area High School. 

Jon-David "JD" Byers 

'05 is the assistant 
men's basketball coach 
at Radford University 
in Virginia. 

Kent A. Brusstar 
M'06 retired from 
public school teaching 
after 26 years with 
the Coatesville Area School District. The 
day after his last day as a seventh-grade 
science teacher, he accepted the position 
of interim coordinator of the Master of 
Science Education program at LVC — the 
same program from which he graduated. 
He is thrilled to return to this position as a 
member of the LVC community. 

Amy Meininger Cuddy '06 is the director 
of marketing at KCCT Architects in 
Washington, D.C. 

Betsy Weik Devitz '06 f M'09 is the branch 
manager at Members 1st Federal Credit 
Unions Hershey Road office. 

Bonita Susan Leib '06 received her 
master's degree in educational leadership 
from Lehigh University in 201 1. 

Robb Stech '06 is an actor, writer, and 
director. He is the leading man in 10 
commercials currently airing on all 
major networks and in an international 
metal music video, and stars in three 
independent films shown in theaters and 
festivals nationally. He states, "It was my 
time at the College under the guidance 
of Dr. Pry that inspired this radical life 
change. The lessons I've learned there . . . 
still apply to my jobs every day." 

Kimberly "Kym" Weed '06 received her 
master's degree in English language and 
literature from the University of Maryland 
in 201 1. She is currently working toward 
her doctorate in English at the University 
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Jamie L Wenrich '06 is the marketing and 
communications coordinator at Danfoss in 
Baltimore, Md. 

Carl Bahner '07 plays 
and teaches drums 
professionally in the 
Philadelphia area. 



He's played with nearly 100 bands and is 
recording his first album as a bandleader. 
Tim Wolfe '07 will also be playing on the 
album. Other performers recording with 
Banner have played with artists such as 
Billy Joel, The Roots, and Pearl Jam. 

Jessica Barber '07 was recently accepted 
into the American Psychological Association s 
Public Interest Policy Internship program 
in Washington, D.C., a yearlong position 
focused on applying psychological research 
to federal policymaking. She received her 
master s degree in social psychology from 
Virginia Commonwealth University in 2009 
and is completing her doctorate there. She 
also holds a black belt in tae kwon do and is 
enjoying her second season singing with the 
Richmond Symphony Chorus. 

Dr. Lauren Michelle Chestney '07 received 
her doctorate in veterinary medicine from 
the University of Pennsylvania in 201 1. 
She is a doctor of veterinary medicine at 
Gwynedd Veterinary Hospital in Lansdale. 

Kara B. Furman '07 is a visitor services 
assistant at the Philadelphia Museum 
of Art. She also started a chapter of 
the American Association of Museums 
Emerging Museum Professionals in 

Jennifer Lynn Line '07 is the project 
assistant at Media Star Promotions in 
Baltimore, Md. 

Alan Michael Newsome '07 is an associate 
actuary at John Hancock Financial Services 
in Boston, Mass. In 2012, he became a 
Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA). 

Erik P. Vargo '07 continues in the doctoral 
program for systems engineering at the 
University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va. 

Daniel George Youngs '07, M"I1 is the 

corporate controller at White Oak Mills 
in Elizabethtown and an adjunct professor 
in the LVC Department of Business and 

David Paul Zimmerman '07 is an assistant 
regional underwriting manager, western 
region, for the American Mining Insurance 
Company in Birmingham, Ala. 

frYKTSV Erica Lynn Van Der 

I ■ }2l Knokke 08 received 
AVr/i^B 1 her master s degree 

in college student 

personnel from the University of Dayton, 

Ohio, in 2011. 

Brandon Wagner '08 is an auditor for the 
U.S. Department of Defense in the Defense 
Contract Audit Agency, based in BAE 
Systems Land and Armaments LP Ground 
Systems Division Branch Office in York. 

Christine Pastula Yeagley '08 is a 

freelance instructor for the Business 
English Department at Otto-Friedrich- 
Universitat in Bamberg, Germany. 

Jeffrey W. Anderson '09 

is a police officer in 

Duane J. Cole '09 is an eighth-grade 
learning support teacher in the Palmyra 
Area School District. 

Ryan A. Van Houten '09 is the youth and 
youth sports director at the Lebanon 
Family YMCA. He enjoys being a child 
advocate investing in the youth of Lebanon. 

Melissa A. Kayes '09 is a high school 
guidance counselor in the Shenandoah 
Valley School District in Shenandoah. 

Adam P. Myers '09 is a general music 
teacher at Forge Road Elementary School 
in the Palmyra Area School District. 

Chelsie Miller Sports '09 is a general 
music teacher at Pine Street Elementary 
School in the Palmyra Area School District. 

Jaclyn Kain '10 has 

been accepted into 
the medical physics 
master s program at 
Columbia University. 

Nicole E. Klahold '10 is an emotional 
support teacher at Providence Elementary 
School in the Solanco School District. 

Amanda B. Pone '10 is a learning support 
teacher at Northside Elementary School in 
the Palmyra Area School District. 


graduated from Naval 
Officer Candidate 
School as a distinguished 
naval graduate and was commissioned as an 
ensign in the U.S. Navy on Nov. 18, 201 1. 
He was awarded the L.T. Thomas Eadie, 
U.SA. Congressional Medal of Honor 
Award for achieving the highest average for 
academic, military training, and physical 
fitness. Additionally, he was awarded the 
Honors Student Award in recognition of 
attaining the highest academic average. He 
is currendy assigned to the USS Ford (FFG 
54) in Everett, Wash., where he and his wife, 
Mary Auker-Endres '10 f recendy relocated. 

Erin N. Brubaker '11 is a music teacher 
at Solanco High School in the Solanco 
School District. 

Emily L Gertenbach '11 is an e-commerce 
content specialist for The WEBstaurant 
Store. She primarily writes and edits 
content for the website. 

Nathan D. McCleaf '11 is the senior 
business systems analyst at Giant Food 
Store in Carlisle. 

Megan McGrady '11 is the Relay for Life 
community representative for the American 
Cancer Society in White Plains, N.Y. 

Emily J. Moore '11 is a kindergarten teacher 
at Providence and Clermont elementary 
schools in the Solanco School District. 

Laura S. Mutchler '11 is an accountant in 
the Lancaster office of ParenteBeard. 

Emily A. Perkins '11 was named a staff 
accountant with Simon Lever Certified 
Public Accountants and Business Advisors 
of Manheim Township. 

Heidi A. Rudelitch '11 was named a staff 
accountant with Simon Lever Certified 
Public Accountants and Business Advisors 
of Manheim Township. 

Krystina M. Sissick '11 is an assurance 
associate in the Harrisburg office of 
Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. 

Lisa M. Train '11 began an 18-month 
accelerated bachelor of science in nursing 
program at West Chester University in 201 1. 

SPRING 2012 


In Memoriam 

Dr. Millard J. Miller '28 died Aug. 6, 201 1, in Ohio at the age 
of 106. He had been a minister in the United Methodist Church 
(U.M.C.) for more than 40 years, serving as minister at Shenandoah 
College and Winchester United Brethren Church (U.B.C.) in 
Virginia. He served as the director of youth works for the entire 
U.B.C, was district superintendent for the Virginia Conference, 
the Ohio Southeast Conference of the Evangelical United Brethren 
(E.U.B.) Church, and Findlay District of the U.M.C. Millers last 
pastoral appointment was at Church of the Master in Westerville, 
Ohio, where he served for 22 years. He was a Civil War buff, having 
visited every battlefield of the war; he also wrote the book, "My 
Grandpa Rode with Jeb Stuart." Miller wrote many pamphlets 
for the E.U.B. Church, including the adult catechism booklet, 
"Our Church." He was an honorary alumnus of Otterbein College 
and chair of the Ohio Pastors' Convention. Miller was a member 
of LVC's Board of Trustees, as well as those of Otterbein and 
Shenandoah colleges, and of the United Seminary. He was preceded 
in death by his wife, Emmeline Shaffer Miller '29. 

Ruth Essick Miller '29 died Dec. 1 1, 201 1, in Columbia at the age 
of 104. She retired in 1972 after teaching English for 20 years at 
Hempfield School District Junior and Senior High School. She was 
a member of Ironville United Methodist Church, the Hempfield 
Local Association, and the Pennsylvania State Education 
Association. Following her retirement, She enjoyed worldwide 
travel with her husband. Miller is survived by a nephew, William 
D. Essick '67. She was preceded in death by her husband, the Rev. 
Grant M. Miller '31, and a brother, DeWitt M. Essick '34. 


Kathleen Pool Land '36 died Aug. 10, 2011, in Dekalb, 111., at 
the age of 96. She played the pipe organ for First Congregational 
Church in Dekalb for 46 years, retiring in 1991. She played for 
coundess special services, weddings, funerals, and concerts. Land also 
was employed for many years with Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance 
Company with her husband, Emmette, as his secretary. She was a 
77-year member of the Philanthropic Educational Organization 
Sisterhood, and an enthusiastic supporter of the Kishwaukee 
Symphony Orchestra and the classical music station WNIU. She 
loved to travel and play cards, and enjoyed her bridge club. 

Dean W. Gasteiger '38 died Dec. 2, 201 1, in Newport News, Va., 
at the age of 98. He worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation 
as an agent in Carbondale, 111.; San Diego, Calif.; and San Antonio, 
Texas. He then transferred to Bristol, Va., as a special agent, where 
he worked until his retirement after 30 years of service. Gasteiger 
was one of the founders of the Church at Bristol and a member of 
St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Hampton, Va. 

Dr. Charles Boyd Shaffer '38 died Oct. 4, 201 1, in Florida at the 
age of 94. He began his career as a toxicologist at Mellon Institute, 
later becoming the director of toxicology at American Cyanamid 
Company, where he retired in 1980 after 28 years of service. 
Shaffer was a partner in a toxicology-consulting firm, Drill, Friess, 
Hays, Loomis and Shaffer. He was advisor to the U.S. delegation 

from the Department of Transportation. He also was responsible 
for the preparation of a manual on the transportation of hazardous 
materials now used by the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. 
Department of Transportation. Shaffer was author or co-author of 
40 scientific publications. He is survived by his wife, Louise Stoner 
Shaffer '38. 


Dr. Robert P. Boran Sr. '40 died Sept. 13, 201 1, in Pottsville at 
the age of 93. He served in the 63rd Infantry "Blood and Fire" 
division of the Army Medical Corps. He was stationed in Europe 
during World War II, serving in the medical detachment on the 
front line. He was awarded the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Clusters, 
American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle-Eastern 
Campaign Medal Ribbon with Bronze Star attachment, World War 
II Victory Medal, and the Combat Medical Badge First Award. 
Boran practiced dentistry in Minersville from 1946 through 1996, 
and was a member of the Pierre Fauchard Honor Society and the 
International College of Dentists. He was preceded in death by a 
brother, Frank Boran '35. 

Lucille Gollam Byerly '40 died Sept. 27, 201 1, in Lewisburg at 
the age of 92. She worked for J.C. Penney as a stocking model 
and later for Bethlehem Steel as a secretary. She was a member 
of Zion Lutheran Church, where she and her husband held 
several volunteer positions. Byerly also was a lifetime member of 
the Lebanon Women's Club and the Order of the Eastern Star 
#115, Lebanon. She and her husband were active members of 
the Lebanon Dance Club and the Lebanon Elks Club. She was 
predeceased by her husband, David Allen Byerly '38. 

Mark Z. Ferry '40 died Dec. 13, 201 1, in Palmyra at the age of 
9 1 . He was a tech sergeant during World War II, serving as a 
weapons instructor in cadre at Fort McClellan in Alabama. He was 
proprietor of Ferry's on the Square in Palmyra until he retired in 
1979. Ferry and his wife had purchased the business in 1951 from 
his father, who had opened it as a general store in 1905. Ferry was 
a life member of Trinity United Church of Christ, and a member 
of the American Legion, Citizen's Fire Company #1, Palmyra 
Rotary Club, and Palmyra Business Association. He is survived by 
his daughters, Lynda Ferry Moore '68 and Sylvia Ferry Bowman 
'70, as well as a son-in-law, Glenn E. Moore '72. 

Daniel S. Seiverling '40 died Sept. 10, 2011, in Campbelltown 
at the age of 93. He was an insurance agent for many years for 
Banker's Life Nebraska (now Ameritas) and was Dauphin County 
treasurer for 16 years. He played tennis, baseball, and basketball, 
and also was a basketball coach. He volunteered with the Boy 
Scouts, served on the Hershey Bank board, was a member of the 
Optimist and Rotary clubs, and was named a Paul Harris Fellow, 
the Rotary's highest honor. Seiverling also served as president of the 
Milton Hershey School Alumni Association. He was predeceased 
by a brother, Dr. Richard F. Seiverling '42, and is survived by his 
wife of 68 years, Jane Gruber Seiverling '43. 



Jeannette Kalbach Partridge '41 died Oct. 28, 2011, in 
Azusa, Calif., at the age of 91. She started her teaching career in 
Quarryville. After starting a family and relocating to California in 
1958, she continued her teaching career at Eaglerock High School 
in Los Angeles, later becoming a high school counselor until 
retiring in 1985. Partridge served her community in numerous 
capacities and was active in the local library. She loved reading and 
spending time with her friends. 

Dr. Margaretta A. Carey '43 died Sept. 4, 201 1, in Downingtown - 
at the age of 90. She served as music advisor and coordinator of 
the arts for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of 
Education. She taught at other institutions of higher education and 
public schools in Indiana, and retired as a faculty administrator at 
West Chester University. 

Eleanor L Witmeyer '43 died Dec. 7, 201 1, in Annville at the age 
of 90. In 1944, she began a 35-year career teaching social studies 
in the Annville Township School District (now Annville-Cleona). 
Witmeyer received many citations, including Jaycee Teacher of the 
Year, Honorary Chapter Farmers Degree, Freedom Foundation of 
Valley Forge, 1984 LVC Alumni Award, 1984 Lebanon County 
Outstanding Educator, and in 2006, the Annville High School 
Alumni of the Year award. She was a member of the Annville 
United Methodist Church, serving in its choir and Sunday school 

Marian Ulmer Cams '45 died Jan. 17 in Royersford at the age 
of 89. She was a retired teacher from the Phoenixville School 
District with more than 25 years of service. She was a member and 
Sunday school teacher at the First United Methodist Church of 
Phoenixville. Cams also was a member of the Christian Women's 
Club and the Phoenixville Senior Center. She is survived by a 
granddaughter, Sara E. Connors '01. 

Yvonne L Raab '45 died Jan. 14 in Red Lion at the age of 88. She 
was employed by Charles H. Bear & Company and later joined the 
staff of Dallastown Area Schools as an elementary librarian, retiring 
in 1985. She was a member of Bethlehem United Methodist 
Church in Dallastown, serving on the church choir. Raab also was 
a member of the Dallastown Golden Age Club and its choir, and 
the Dallastown Historical Society. 

Anne Adams Zart '45 died Sept. 18, 201 1, in Dallastown at the 
age of 88. She taught at the Polk Township, Swatara Township, and 
Steelton-Highspire high schools for 30 years. Zart also was music 
director at Centenary United Methodist Church in Steelton, where 
she and her husband were members for more than 50 years. She is 
survived by her son, Harry C. Zart '68, and daughter-in-law, Julie 
Rojahn Zart '71. 

Dr. George E. Edwards '47 died Jan. 7 in Susquehanna Township 
at the age of 89. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving as a 
lieutenant on the U.S.S. Dauphin. He was a general practitioner 
and partner with Family Physician Associates in New Cumberland. 
He was a member of the Dauphin County Medical Society, 
Harrisburg Academy of Medicine, and Louther Manor Lodge No. 
781 Free and Accepted Masons. He was predeceased by a brother, 

Robert L. Edwards '36, and a brother-in-law, Edward F. Tesnar '52. 
He is survived by a sister, Jeanne Edwards Tesnar '51, and a sister- 
in-law, Iva Claire Weirick Edwards '36. 

Vincent "Red" A. Sherman 48 died Oct. 26, 201 1, in Orwigsburg 
at the age of 87. He served stateside in the U.S. Army during 
World War II. In the 1960s, he co-coached the Cressona Teeners 
baseball team and won five consecutive championships and two 
Schuylkill championships. Sherman was a special education teacher 
for 28 years. He worked at Alcoa in Cressona from 1949 to 1959 
then returned to teaching at the Berks County Intermediate Unit 
in 1959, retiring in 1984. Sherman was a life member of the 
Cressona American Legion, the Pennsylvania School Educators 
Association, and the Local Musicians Union. 

Asher S. Edelman Jr. '49 died Dec. 10, 201 1, in Waynesboro at the 
age of 87. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II with 
the 26th Infantry Yankee Division, under General George S. Patton. 
He received the Purple Heart with Clusters, the Soldier Medal of 
Honor, and the Combat Infantryman's Badge. He taught music 
in the Waynesboro School District for 35 years, retiring in 1986. 
Edelman was a violinist with the Potomac, Maryland, and Millbrook 
symphonies. He attended St. Peter's (Beard's) Lutheran Church. He 
is survived by his wife of more than 62 years, Anita "Betty" Wilhide 
Edelman '50, and a sister, Mary Edelman Light '50. 

Elmer Leon Reamer '49 died Dec. 12, 201 1, in New Jersey at 
the age of 86. He was a U.S. Navy veteran, serving as a radio 
technician in World War II. He trained in Lake Geneva, N.Y.; 
Corona, Calif.; the Wright Junior Trade School in Chicago, 111.; 
and at the U.S. Naval Yards in Charleston, S.C. Early in his career, 
he was employed at the Navy Yard in Charleston, S.C. He retired 
in 1982 from the National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center, 
where he had been an engineer for more than 20 years. He is 
survived by his wife, Carolyn Thomas Reamer '49. 

Luzetta Warfel Stair '49 died Jan. 9 in Bethlehem at the age of 
84. Early on, she worked in the music department at Allentown 
State Hospital, but later dedicated her life to being a housewife 
and mother. She was a member of Church of the Manger in 

Jeanne Bozarth Cleaver '50 died Jan. 27 in Vero Beach, Fla., at 
the age of 83. An enthusiastic artist, she taught art classes to local 
children and was one of the founding members of the Lebanon 
Valley Council on the Arts. She also taught English as a second 
language to Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees. Cleaver, an avid 
world traveler, spent almost every summer of her life in Maine and 
loved supporting local artists and cruising the Maine coast with the 
Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club. 

Charles H. Kreis '50 died Jan. 20 in Lebanon at the age of 88. 
He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He was an 
instrumental teacher for more than 35 years in the Mt. Markham 
Central School in West Winfield, N.Y. Kreis played first trombone 
in the Utica Symphony. After retiring to Pennsylvania, Kreis played 

SPRING 2012 


In Memoriam 

in the Lebanon Community Band, Lebanon Big Band, Gentlemen 
of Jazz, and Rajah Concert Band, among several others. He was 
a member of the Myerstown United Church of Christ, where he 
directed the church choir for many years. 

Dr. Alonzo L Mantz '50 died Jan. 1 in Somerset, N.J., at the age 
of 82. He served in the U.S. Army Chemical Corps from 1952 
to 1954. He was a chemist with Union Carbide in Tarrytown, 
N.Y.; Boundbrook, N.J.; Charlestown, W. Va.; and Singapore for 
32 years before retiring. Mantz was a member of the American 
Chemical Society and Masonic Lodge #45 in Pennsylvania, as well 
as the First Presbyterian Church in Allentown. 

James S. Burchfield '51 died Aug. 6, 201 1, in Staten Island, N.Y., 
at the age of 85. He was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, serving in 
World War II. He was a biology and science teacher for the former 
Hummelstown and Lower Dauphin high schools. Burchfield also 
served as a public education director for the American Cancer 
Society and worked for the Department of Justice in New York. 
His life's passion was working in his flower and vegetable gardens. 

Chester L Richwine '51 died Dec. 30, 201 1, in Hampden 
Township at the age of 85. He was a veteran of World War II, 
serving in the U.S. Army Arlington Cemetery Band. He taught 
instrumental band music for 3 1 years and retired from the West 
Shore School District. He was an active trumpet player for 40 
years in the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra and various regional 
groups. Richwine was a founding member of New Cumberland 
American Legion Post 143 Band, now the New Cumberland Town 
Band, and the Shippensburg Concert Series Orchestra. 

C. Russell Schneck '51 died Nov. 26, 201 1, in Lebanon at the 
age of 85. He was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II. He was 
a retired music educator and band director from the Susquehanna 
Township School District. Schneck played with many local bands, 
including the Lebanon Community Concert Band, the Lebanon 
Big Band, and the Washington Band. A member of the Evangelical 
Free Church of Hershey, he played clarinet in the church orchestra. 
Schneck also was an active volunteer at the Lebanon Valley 
Brethren Home. 

Virginia Wagner Curfman '52 died Dec. 1, 201 1, in Hershey at the 
age of 80. She had been an elementary school teacher for 10 years 
in the Harrisburg School District and for four years in the Lebanon 
School District. She was a member of Palm Lutheran Church in 
Palmyra and the Lebanon County Women's Club Federation, and 
was former president of the Cleona Women's Club. She is survived 
by her husband of 46 years, Dr. George D. Curfman '53. 

Gloria Dressier Zeigler '52 died Sept. 3, 201 1, in Laureldale at 
the age of 80. She was a church organist and choir director at 
Hebron United Methodist Church, a Shaklee distributor, and an 
instructor of private instrumental lessons. Zeigler was president 
of the Rainbow Valley American Business Women's Association, a 
member of the Glen Chapter #425 Order of the Eastern Star, and 
a member of the Fellowship of United Methodists in Worship, 
Music, and Other Arts. 

Florence Sauder Hoffman '53 died Nov. 30, 201 1, in York at 
the age of 80. She was a homemaker and worked as a substitute 
teacher for a number of area school districts. She was a member of 
Aldersgate United Methodist Church, where she was the director of 
the youth choir for 50 years. She also had been a Girl Scout leader. 
She was preceded in death by a sister, Helen Sauder LePage '57. She 
is survived by a daughter, Deborah Hoffman Risser '76. 

June Finkelstein Mosse '53 died Aug. 16, 201 1, in Florida at the 
age of 79. She had been a nursery school teacher for more than 
25 years, having taught in Long Island and Florida. She enjoyed 
traveling, especially cruising. 

Frances Thomas Lucy '54 died Oct. 12, 201 1, in Hummelstown 
at the age of 78. She had a successful career with TLB Solomon 
Software in Malvern. She served on the Radnor School Board, 
was active with the Annville High School Alumni Association, 
Daughters of the American Colonists, Friends of Old Annville, and 
the Meyer Family in America. Lucy is survived by a sister, Doris 
Thomas Shull '50, and brother, Col. Jack H. Thomas, USAR (Ret.) '56. 
She was preceded in death by her mother, Delia Herr Thomas '23, 
and a brother, Lee A. Thomas '65. 

Dr. Richard C. Musselman '54 died Aug. 17, 201 1, in Newark, 
Del., at the age of 78. Early in his career, he taught biology at 
Newark High School, where he later became the principal. He 
always said that his 26 years of teaching and coaching football were 
his greatest sources of satisfaction during more than three decades 
in education. After retiring, Musselman worked for Prudential 
Real Estate of Newark. He was inducted into the Quakertown/ 
Pennridge Sports Hall of Fame. Musselman loved gardening, travel, 
music, and education. 

Emma Elizabeth Herr '57 died Jan. 27 in Lancaster at the age of 
78. She was a vocal music teacher for seven years and a first- and 
second-grade teacher for 30 years in the Warwick School District. 
Herr played clarinet in the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra for 30 
years, and clarinet and saxophone in numerous performances in 
the Fulton Theatre. Herr was a 64-year member of Grace Lutheran 
Church. She also was a member of the Musical Art Society of 
Lancaster, the National Federation of Music Clubs, and the 
Pennsylvania Federation of Music Clubs. 

Edward A. Anderson Jr. '58 died Aug. 3, 201 1, in Falls Church, 
Va., at the age of 75. He had recently retired as associate professor 
of mathematics from Northern Virginia Community College in 
Manassas, Va., where he had taught for 17 years. During his career, 
Anderson had taught at several high schools and at American 
and Georgetown universities. He was a member of the St. James 
Roman Catholic Church in Falls Church, Va., where he had 
served as a cantor for many years. He is survived by a sister-in-law, 
Catherine Uhrich Anderson '71. 

Drew T. Fetterolf '58 died Nov. 27, 201 1, in Alabama at the age of 
80. He served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War, and retired 
from the U.S. Department of Defense in 1986. 



Dr. Bryan Hearsey 

Retired professor emeritus of 
mathematical sciences Dr. Bryan V. 
Hearsey lost a three-year battle with 
cancer on Oct. 28, 2011, at age 69. 
In addition to his extended family, he 
is survived by wife Carolyn Hearsey; 
daughter, Stacie Gingrich, and her 
husband, Craig, of Lancaster; and son, 
Todd Hearsey, and his wife, Becky, of 

"Bryan was a gifted and demanding 
teacher who commanded the loyalty of 
generations of graduates of the College's 
program in actuarial science who looked 
to Bryan as mentor and guide," said 
President Steve MacDonald. "He was respected by his faculty 
colleagues for his thoughtful, wise counsel. He was an honest and 
talented and thoroughly decent man, and we will miss him." 
Hearsey spent 40 years as a professor at Lebanon Valley 
College, where he took the reins of a struggling actuarial science 
major in 1976 and during the next three decades built a program 
that now has few rivals in North America. He was an Associate 
of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) and an active member of the 
academic actuarial community, and served as the Society of 
Actuaries liaison representative to the Mathematical Association 
of America and member of the Joint CAS/SoA Validation by 
Educational Experience Administration Committee. 

He earned his bachelor's degree in mathematics from Western 
Washington University in 1964 and his doctorate from Washington 

State University in 1968. After arriving at LVC in 1972, Hearsey 
mentored countless students as they prepared to embark on 
successful careers. 

Under Hearsey's leadership, the Actuarial Science Program 
produced 60 Fellows and 37 Associates of the actuarial societies, 
and its most recent students have passed more than 20 exams in 
each of the last two years. 

This excerpt from the Summer 2011 "AfterMath" newsletter 
sheds light on why Hearsey was able to create such positive 
outcomes for his students: "When asked about his success, Bryan 
is modest; he grins and attributes it to luck. If pressed, he says it's 
about hard work and putting students first. As a faculty member, 
as department chair, and as dean [he served a one-year term as 
interim dean of the LVC faculty], he asked the same question. 
When deciding who to hire, when setting the course schedule, or 
when re-creating the actuarial science major, Bryan always asked, 
'How does this help students?'" 

When he retired in May 2011, Hearsey was serving as the chair 
of the Department of Mathematics. According to his obituary, 
"Lebanon Valley College was far more than an employer for Bryan, 
it was an integral part of his life and family. He took great pride in 
the advancement of the College and most importantly the success 
of his students." 

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to 
The Hearsey Scholarship for Actuarial Science at Lebanon Valley 
College, 101 College Ave., Annville, PA 17003 ( 
Hearsey). The scholarship fund has surpassed its $100,000 goal, 
and its total endowment is still climbing, thanks to the generosity 
of more than 185 donors. 

Barbara G. Johnson '58 died Jan. 16 in New York at the age of 
75. She was an LVC cheerleading captain, and began working for 
IBM shortly after graduation. She retired from IBM after 31 years 
of service. She enjoyed traveling, cruising, politics, the New York 
Giants, visiting family and friends, and the sounds and smell of 
the ocean. Johnson was active in the Rye Historical Society and the 
altar guild at Christ Church. 

his career, he worked for Price-Waterhouse, Philco Ford, Dolly 
Madison Industries, Chemcut, and Zetachron. After retiring, he 
was a member of the Senior Bowling Tour and won numerous 
Professional Bowlers Association awards. Meder was a member of 
St. Andrews Episcopal Church. He also served as a delegate to the 
diocesan convention and on several committees for the Episcopal 
Diocese of Central Pennsylvania. 

James W. Checket '59 died Sept. 1 1, 201 1, in Lebanon at the 
age of 74. He was a member of St. Jacobs Kimmerlings Church. 
He was a retired music teacher, musician, and arranger of music. 
He also was a member of the Musician's Union. Checket was 
the co-founder of the group "Octagon ' and was involved with 
the Lebanon Big Swing Band. He was predeceased by a nephew, 
Richard A. Checket '50. He is survived by his wife, Sally Miller- 
Checket '58, brothers Dr. William E. Checket '65 and Thomas R. 
Checket *66 y and a nephew, William J. Checket '92. 

David R. Meder '59 died Sept. 3, 201 1, in State College at the 
age of 78. He was a U.S. Army veteran, serving in Korea. During 


Karl R. Smith '61 died Jan. 28 in Somerville, N.J., at the age of 73. 
He was a U.S. Army veteran, where he played trumpet. He was 
an instrumental music teacher in the Easton Area School District 
for 34 years before his retirement in 1993. Smith was a longtime 
member of the Union Village United Methodist Church in 
Berkeley Heights, where he served as a trustee as well as a member 
of the chancel and bell choirs. He was a member of the American 
Legion Post 1 19, in Dunellen, N.J. He enjoyed the fellowship of 
the retired men's group of his church. 

SPRING 2012 


In Memoriam 

Col. Walter A. Krueger '62 died July 26, 201 1, in Belton, Texas, 
at the age of 70. He was a colonel, serving 24 years in the U.S. 
Air Force. He had served as the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing 
Deputy Commander for Resources, responsible for providing 
all supply, transportation, comptroller, contracting, and logistics 
plans support for Elmendorf Air Force Base, three remote bases, 
and 13 remote radar sites. He was awarded the Legion of Merit. 
Krueger was a member of the Air Force Association, Retired 
Officers Association, National Rifle Association, Texas State Rifle 
Association, and Temple Gun Club. 

William J. Walker '62 died Nov. 7, 2010, in Huron, Ohio, at the 
age of 70. He served in the National Guard for six years before 
working in the family feed and grain company, JC Walker and 
Sons, in Gap. Walker later worked for Monroe Service in Sandusky, 
Ohio, from 1975 until 1990. He worked in his own company, Bill 
Walker Telephone Service, for 20 years in Port Clinton and Huron, 
Ohio. He was a member of the Bellevue Presbyterian Church in 
Gap. Walker is survived by his wife of 46 years, Virginia "Beth" 
Jenkins Walker '65; a brother, P. David Walker '65; a sister, Beckie 
Walker Castor '65; and a brother-in-law, Philip H. Castor '63. 

Peter A. Frank '63 died Oct. 9, 201 1, in Philadelphia at the age 
of 69. He was a member of LVC's football team during the 1959- 
1960 academic year. He taught chemistry at both the high school 
and college levels, and always credited the late Dr. H. Anthony 
Neidig '43, H'04 as the most influential person regarding his 
decision to become a chemistry teacher. 

Russell "Ted" Bonsall '64 died Nov. 30, 201 1, at the age of 69. 
He was an educator and coach at Hershey High School. During 
his 38-year tenure, he taught a variety of mathematics courses, 
finishing his career as head of the mathematics department. During 
the 33 seasons he coached baseball at Hershey, he led the Trojans 
to several league titles, as well as the 1982 state championship. He 
also coached the junior high school wrestling team for 15 years, 
going undefeated for six seasons and winning 57 consecutive 
matches. He enjoyed antiquing, gardening, reading, traveling, 
fishing, and watching the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Rae Shermeyer Foutz '68 died Nov. 23, 201 1, in Anchorage, 
Alaska, at the age of 64. She retired from the City of Anchorage 
as a budget analyst. She volunteered in both the Anchorage 
and Nome race headquarters of the Iditarod for 21 years. Foutz 
volunteered with the Multiple Sclerosis Anchorage Bike Ride, 
and helped raise funds for the local public radio and television 
stations. She participated in several American Cancer Society 
Relays for Life, the Women's Heart Run, and the American Heart 
Association's Heart Walk and Heart Run. She is survived by her 
husband, Paul B. Foutz '68. 

Carole Cameron Schauer '69 died Sept. 10, 201 1, in Frederick 
County, Va., at the age of 64. She was an assistant vice president 
of American Charter Savings and Loan in Lincoln, Neb. She 
loved barbershop music and was an avid member of the Vienna- 
Falls Sweet Adelines Chorus. Additionally, she was a tenor and 
tenor section leader in Unchained Harmony, her barbershop 
quartet, where she also was associate director and a member of 
the performance committee. Schauer loved reading, traveling, and 
crocheting. She is survived by her husband, Larry Lee Schauer '69. 


Deborah Erb Shank 73 died Dec. 2, 201 1, in Quakertown at the 
age of 60. She was the director of the quality assurance department 
at Holy Redeemer Hospital in Meadowbrook for more than 
27 years. Aside from her numerous professional associations, 
one of her greatest joys was traveling, especially to Europe, the 
Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. 

Lawrence "Larry" Ernest Priester 76 died Aug. 31, 201 1, in 
Arlington, Texas, at the age of 57. He served in the U.S. Marine 
Corps. In 1987, he was inducted into the LVC Athletic Hall 
of Fame for wrestling and track. Priester was a member of St. 
Josephs Catholic Church in Arlington and a longtime employee 
of Lockheed Martin in Grand Prairie, where he was a senior 
procurement analyst. He coached Optimist Club football and 
Little League baseball for many years. Priester also was a volunteer 
parent at Nolan Catholic High School. He was an avid sports fan 
and loved the Philadelphia Eagles. 


Lisa Woodson Baughman '80 died June 2, 201 1, in Farmville, Va., 
at the age of 53. She was an artist, an instructor in the design and 
hooking of rugs, and a graphic design artist. She is survived by a 
sister, Barbara Baughman Biser '73. 

Stephen T. Hartnett '81 died Oct. 7, 201 1, in Lancaster at the 
age of 52. He served as the Quarryville Postmaster for the U.S. 
Postal Service. Early in his career, he had been district supervisor of 
Dommel's Hotel Management Inc. in Lancaster, and also had been 
the owner of the Deli L in Lititz. He is survived by his wife, Cheryl 
Hue Hartnett '84, and his father, Robert D. Hartnett '61. 


Janet Adams Weston '92 died Jan. 19 in New Bloomfield 
at the age of 65. She was retired from the Commonwealth of 
Pennsylvania's Department of Health and Welfare, after 33 years 
of service as an administrative assistant and secretary. She was a 
clerical volunteer for Holy Spirit Hospital and the owner of the 
Jewelry By Janet workshop. Weston was an accomplished oil 
painter, musician, and silversmith; an award-winning poet; and an 
avid photographer. She was a member and past president of the 
Central Pennsylvania Rock and Mineral Club. 

Friends of the College 

Edith Beckman Krohn died Oct. 30, 2011, in Rockville, Md., 
at the age of 98. She was the 1994 recipient of LVC's Founders 
Day Award. She was a clinical psychologist at the Harrisburg 
State Hospital for 42 years, and was instrumental in starting the 
Lebanon County Mental Health/Mental Retardation Association. 
Krohn also was a founder of the Lebanon Community Concert 
series and the Valley Beach Club pool and golf course. She was 
active in many facets of community life in Lebanon, especially at 
Beth Israel Synagogue. 


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